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The Wiley Blackwell Companion to Religion and Politics in the U.S.



The Wiley Blackwell Companion to Religion and Politics in the U.S.

Barbara A. McGraw (Editor)

ISBN: 978-0-470-65733-1 May 2016 Wiley-Blackwell 616 Pages

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The Wiley Blackwell Companion to Religion and Politics in the U.S. provides a broad, inclusive, and rich range of chapters, in the study of religion and politics. Arranged in their historical context, chapters address themes of history, law, social and religious movements, policy and political theory.
  • Broadens the parameters of this timely subject, and includes the latest work in the field
  • Draws together newly-commissioned essays by distinguished authors that are cogent for scholars, while also being in a style that is accessible to students.
  • Provides a balanced and inclusive approach to religion and politics in the U.S.
  • Engages diverse perspectives from various discourses about religion and politics across the political and disciplinary spectra, while placing them in their larger historical context

Notes on Contributors xi

Preface xv

Acknowledgments xviii

Part I Foundations and the Founding 1

Introduction to Part I 3

1 Original Nations of “Great Turtle Island” and the Genesis of the United States 5
Steven T. Newcomb

2 The Intellectual Foundation and Political Construction of American Religious Pluralism 18
John R. Pottenger

3 Religion and the Foundations of Slavery in America 33
Paul Finkelman

4 Roger Williams, Native Peoples, and “Soul Liberty” 42
Bruce E. Johansen

5 Were Any of the Founders Deists? 51
Mark David Hall

6 The Heterodox Republic Part I: The Religion of Nature 64
Matthew Stewart

7 The Heterodox Republic Part II: The Two Voices of Liberalism 72
Matthew Stewart

8 How the Founders Agreed about Religious Freedom but Disagreed about the Separation of Church and State 85
Vincent Phillip Muñoz and Kevin Vance

9 Religion and the Earliest Supreme Court Justices, 1789–1811 98
Eric Michael Mazur

PART II Challenges to an Assumed Homogeneity: The Nineteenth Century 109

Introduction to Part II 111

10 Millennial Groups and American Pluralism 113
John R. Pottenger

11 Religion and the Nineteenth]Century Supreme Court, 1811–78 126
Eric Michael Mazur

12 Native Americans, Christian Missionaries, and the Politics of the Forced School Movement 139
Barbara Alice Mann

13 Preserving the Protestant Nation: Religion and the Socio]Political Dimensions of Immigration until 1920 149
Rhys H. Williams

14 New Religions and New Politics in Nineteenth]Century America 160
Dan McKanan

15 Religion and the Politics of the Women’s Movement in Nineteenth]Century America 173
Jacqueline R. deVries

16 Religion and Slavery in Antebellum America 187
Paul Finkelman

17 The Peak of American Political Religion: Lincoln’s Second Inaugural Address 200
Michael P. Zuckert

18 Completing the Constitution: Religion, Rights, and the Fourteenth Amendment 213
Derek H. Davis

19 Preserving Morality in an Urban Nation: Christian Reform Movements in the Progressive Era 225
Seth Dowland

PART III Political Religion Rising, Retrenching, Resurging: The Twentieth Century 237

Introduction to Part III 239

20 Religion and Political Thought in the Twentieth Century 241
Bryan T. McGraw

21 The Religious Left Tradition in Twentieth]Century America: Continuity and Disruption 251
Doug Rossinow

22 The Religious Right in the Twentieth Century 264
Michael Lienesch

23 Religion and Immigration Post]1965: Race, Culture Wars, and National Identity 278
Rhys H. Williams

24 Ending the Ban on Indigenous Spiritualities 291
Barbara Alice Mann

25 The Black Church and Political Activism in Twentieth]Century America 305
Anthony B. Pinn

26 New Religious Movements and Politics in the Twentieth Century 317
Timothy Miller

27 Women, Politics, and Religion in the Twentieth Century 327
Margaret Bendroth

28 Themes in the US Supreme Court’s Treatment of Religion in the Twentieth Century 339
Derek H. Davis

29 Religion and the Rise of Environmental Politics in the Twentieth Century 350
Bron Taylor and Lucas F. Johnston

30 Religion and Realism: US Foreign Policy in the Twentieth Century 369
Elizabeth A. Oldmixon and Nicholas Drummon

PART IV T wenty-First Century Trends and Special Topics 383

Introduction to Part IV 385

31 The Politics of Moral Values 387
Jo Renee Formicola

32 The Religion Clauses in the Twenty-First Century: The Supreme Court Loosens Its Grip 401
Rebecca D. Gill and Ted G. Jelen

33 Trending: Developments in Twenty-First-Century African-American Religion and Politics 416
Lerone A. Martin

34 Contemporary Ethno]Religious Groups and Political Activism in the United States 428
Prema Ann Kurien

35 Religious Influences on Catholic and Jewish Supreme Court Justices: Converging History, Diverging Paths 442
Kenneth D. Wald

36 Trends in Religion and Environmental Politics into the Twenty]First Century 454
Lucas F. Johnston and Bron Taylor

37 Engaging Religion in US Foreign Affairs 470
Michael Kessler

38 America’s Missions: Religion and Foreign Policy in the Twenty-First Century 485
Rebecca A. Glazier

39 Religion, State, and Democracy: The United States in Comparative Perspective 500
Michael D. Driessen

40 Religious Pluralism at the Crossroads 514
Barbara A. McGraw

Index 532