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The Wiley Blackwell Companion to Tourism



The Wiley Blackwell Companion to Tourism

Alan A. Lew (Editor), C. Michael Hall (Editor), Allan M. Williams (Editor)

ISBN: 978-1-118-47448-8 June 2014 Wiley-Blackwell 668 Pages


The Wiley Blackwell Companion to Tourism presents a collection of readings that represent an essential and authoritative reference on the state-of-the-art of the interdisciplinary field of tourism studies.

  • Presents a comprehensive and critical overview of tourism studies across the social sciences
  • Introduces emerging topics and reassesses key themes in tourism studies in the light of recent developments
  • Includes 50 newly commissioned essays by leading experts in the social sciences from around the world
  • Contains cutting-edge perspectives on topics that include tourism’s role in globalization, sustainable tourism, and the state’s role in tourism development
  • Sets an agenda for future tourism research and includes a wealth of bibliographic references

Notes on Contributors ix

Part 1 Introduction 1

1 Tourism: Conceptualizations, Disciplinarity, Institutions, and Issues 3
C. Michael Hall, Allan M. Williams, and Alan A. Lew

Part 2 Perspectives on Tourism 25

Introduction: Perspectives on Tourism 27
Allan M. Williams

2 Tourist Flows and Spatial Behavior 33
Bob McKercher and Judit Zoltan

3 Tourism Motivations and Decision Making 45
Philip L. Pearce

4 Political Economy of Tourism: Regulation Theory, Institutions, and Governance Networks 55
Jan Mosedale

5 Cultural Geographies of Tourism 66
Mike Crang

6 Tourism Mobilities 78
Kevin Hannam

7 Critical Perspectives on Tourism 88
Freya Higgins-Desbiolles and Kyle Powys Whyte

Part 3 Producing Tourism and Tourism Spaces 99

Introduction: Producing Tourism and Tourism Spaces 101
Allan M. Williams

8 Economic Geographies of Tourism Revisited: From Theory to Practice 107
Dimitri Ioannides and Keith G. Debbage

9 Entrepreneurial Cultures and Small Business Enterprises in Tourism 120
Gareth Shaw

10 Labor Mobility and Labor Market Structures in Tourism 132
Adele Ladkin

11 Tourism and Development: From Development Theory to Globalization 143
David Harrison

12 Transport and Tourism 155
Stephen Page and Joanne Connell

13 Tourism Innovation: Products, Processes, and People 168
Allan M. Williams

14 Souvenirs, Tourists, and Tourism 179
Kristen Swanson

Part 4 Globalizing People, Places, and Markets in Tourism 189

Introduction: Globalizing People, Places, and Markets in Tourism 191
Alan A. Lew

15 Transnational Corporations and the Globalization of Tourism 197
Larry Dwyer

16 Problematizing Place Promotion and Commodification 210
Nigel Morgan

17 Urban Tourism and the Experience Economy 220
T.C. Chang and Shirlena Huang

18 Tourism and Creative Economies 230
Gordon Waitt and Chris Gibson

19 Mobilities, Ethnicity, and Tourism 240
Kevin Meethan

20 GPS, Smartphones, and the Future of Tourism Research 251
Noam Shoval, Michal Isaacson, and Prem Chhetri

21 New Territories in Information Technologies and Tourism Research 262
Mads Bødker and Ana María Munar

Part 5 Social Theories of Tourist Practice, Experience, and Landscapes Encounters 275

Introduction: Social Theories of Tourist Practice, Experience, and Landscapes Encounters 277
Alan A. Lew

22 Landscapes of Tourism 282
Theano S. Terkenli

23 Tourism After the Postmodern Turn 294
Claudio Minca and Tim Oakes

24 The Tourist Gaze 1.0, 2.0, and 3.0 304
Jonas Larsen

25 Gender and Feminist Perspectives in Tourism Research 314
Annette Pritchard

26 Tourism and the Visual 325
Caroline Scarles

27 Speaking Heritage: Language, Identity, and Tourism 336
Lauren A. Hall-Lew and Alan A. Lew

28 Religion and Spirituality in Tourism 349
Michael Stausberg

Part 6 Tourist Attractions: Places, Spaces, and Forms 361

Introduction: Tourist Attractions: Places, Spaces, and Forms 363
Alan A. Lew

29 Material Culture and Contested Heritage in Tourism 368
Tim Winter

30 Trends in Tourism, Shopping, and Retailing 378
Dallen J. Timothy

31 Progress in Second-Home Tourism Research 389
Dieter K. Müller

32 Timing Tourism: MICE, Events, and Mega-Events 401
Donald Getz

33 Taking Stock of Sport Tourism Research 413
Tom Hinch, James Higham, and Stacy-Lynn Sant

34 Medical Tourism 425
Meghann Ormond

35 Gay and Lesbian Tourism Practices 435
Gustav Visser

Part 7 Tourism and The Environment: Change, Impacts, And Response 445

Introduction: Tourism and the Environment: Change, Impacts, and Response 447
C. Michael Hall

36 The Global Footprint of Tourism 454
Eke Eijgelaar and Paul Peeters

37 Climate-Change Implications for Tourism 466
Daniel Scott

38 Coastal and Marine Tourism: Emerging Issues, Future Trends, and Research Priorities 479
Mark B. Orams and Michael Lück

39 Sociocultural Resilience and Tourism 490
Debbie Hopkins and Suzanne Becken

40 Tourism and Tourists in Nature, National Parks, and Wilderness 500
Jarkko Saarinen

41 Exploring the Precautionary Principle in an Environment and Tourism Context 513
David A. Fennell

42 The Sustainable Development of Tourism: A State-of-the-Art Perspective 524
David Weaver

Part 8 Tourism Policies, Planning, and Governance 535

Introduction: Tourism Policies, Planning, and Governance 537
C. Michael Hall

43 Tourism and Public Policy: Contemporary Debates and Future Directions 542
John M. Jenkins, C. Michael Hall, and Muchazondida Mkono

44 Local Participation in Community Tourism: A Critical and Relational Assessment 556
Bill Bramwell

45 Partnerships, Tourism, and Community Impacts 567
María José Zapata Campos

46 Tourism in the Development of Regional and Sectoral Innovation Systems 578
Adi Weidenfeld and C. Michael Hall

47 Critical Success Factors for Creating Community-Based Tourism 589
Amran Hamzah

48 Strengthening Tourism–Poverty Linkages 600
Christian M. Rogerson

49 Tourism Crises and Disasters: Moving the Research Agenda Forward 61
Brent W. Ritchie, Judith Mair, and Gabby Walters

Part 9 Conclusions 623

50 Theoretical and Methodological Challenges for Tourism: Just Out of Sight or Just Within our Reach? 625
Allan M. Williams, C. Michael Hall, and Alan A. Lew

Index 635

“Graduate students and established scholars who are looking for literature, research ideas, and teaching materials on new and emerging tourism themes will find this book an extremely valuable source of information and insights.”  (The Canadian Geographer/Le Geographie Canadien, 26 October 2015)

“ Excellent … as far as it goes. . . Summing Up: Highly recommended. Upper-division undergraduates and above.”  (Choice, 1 April 2015)