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The Wiley Blackwell Companion to World Christianity



The Wiley Blackwell Companion to World Christianity

Lamin Sanneh (Editor), Michael McClymond (Editor)

ISBN: 978-1-118-55439-5 March 2016 Wiley-Blackwell 784 Pages

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The Wiley-Blackwell Companion to World Christianity presents a collection of essays that explore a range of topics relating to the rise, spread, and influence of Christianity throughout the world.

  • Features contributions from renowned scholars of history and religion from around the world
  • Addresses the origins and global expansion of Christianity over the course of two millennia
  • Covers a wide range of themes relating to Christianity, including women, worship, sacraments, music, visual arts, architecture, and many more
  • Explores the development of Christian traditions over the past two centuries across several continents and the rise in secularization

Notes on Contributors ix

Abbreviations xxi

1 Introduction 1
Lamin Sanneh and Michael J. McClymond

I. Historical Section 19

A. The Roots (50–1750 ce)

2 Jewish and Hellenic Worlds and Christian Origins 21
John J. Collins

3 The “Triumph” of Hellenization in Early Christianity 32
Wendy Elgersma Helleman

4 Ancient Eastern Christianity: Syria, Persia, Central Asia, and India 43
Scott W. Sunquist

5 Christianity and the European Conversions 54
Tomás O’Sullivan

6 Byzantium and Islam in the Mediterranean World 67
James C. Skedros

7 The Medieval Synthesis: Religion, Society, and Culture 78
Joseph P. Huffmann

8 Early Modern Missions and Maritime Expansion 96
Felipe Fernandez-Armesto

9 Bibles, Printing, Books, Churches 107
Lori Ferrell

10 The Protestant Reformation and the Catholic Reformation 119
Jeffrey Klaiber

B. Issues in the Modern Period (1750–2000 ce) 129

11 The Legacy of Christendom 131
Philip Jenkins

12 Slavery, Antislavery, and Christianity: Africa, Latin America, and the Caribbean 142
Christopher Schmidt-Nowara

13 Medicine, Agriculture, and Technology in the Missionary Enterprise 153
Christopher H. Grundmann

14 Schools and Education in the Missionary Enterprise 166
Norman Etherington

15 Conversion, Converts, and National Identity 176
J. Kwabena Asamoah-Gyadu

16 Church and State Relations in the Colonial Period 190
Brian Stanley

17 Ideologies, the Quest for a Just Society, and Christian Responses 200
Govert Buijs

18 The Ecumenical Movement: Why Violence, Why Not Peace? 218
Jan van Butselaar

19 Vatican II: Renewal, Accommodation, Inculturation 231
Peter C. Phan

20 Christian Revival and Renewal Movements 244
Michael J. McClymond

II. Thematic Section 263

21 Bible Translation, Culture, and Religion 265
Lamin Sanneh

22 Christianity and Interreligious Encounters 282
Martin Ganeri

23 Women in Church, State, and Society 302
Angelyn Dries

24 Worship, Liturgy, Sacraments 318
Geoffrey Wainwright

25 Freedom, Persecution, and the Status of Christian Minorities 330
John Witte, Jr. and M. Christian Green

26 Christianity and “Western Classical” Music (1700–2000) 350
David Martin

27 Music in the Newer Churches 359
Brian Schrag

28 Visual Arts in World Christianity 368
Volker Küster

29 Church Architecture Worldwide since 1800 386
David R. Bains

30 Charismatic Gifts: Healing, Tongue-Speaking, Prophecy, and Exorcism 399
Michael J. McClymond

31 Changing Uses of Old and New Media in World Christianity 419
Jolyon Mitchell and Jeremy Kidwell

32 Global Evangelical and Pentecostal Politics 432
Paul Freston

III. Christianity Since 1800: An Analysis by Regions and Traditions 449

33 The Middle East and North Africa, I: Egypt and North Africa 451
George Berbary

34 The Middle East and North Africa, II: Christians in the Ottoman Empire and in Bilad al-Sham 458
Souad Slim

35 African Christianity: Historical and Thematic Horizons 468
Lamin Sanneh

36 Christianity in Western Europe 488
Simon Coleman

37 Russia and Eastern Europe 500
Scott M. Kenworthy

38 Latin America and the Caribbean 511
Stephen Dove

39 North America 523
Amanda Porterfield

40 South Asia 535
Chandra Mallampalli

41 China 546
Daniel H. Bays

42 Korea, Japan, the Philippines, and Southeast Asia 561
J. Nelson Jennings, Yong Kyu Park, and Antolin V. Uy

43 Christianity in Australia and Oceania (ca. 1800–2000) 575
Stuart Piggin and Peter Lineham

44 The Historical Development of Christianity in Oceania 588
Manfred Ernst and Anna Anisi

45 Roman Catholicism since 1800 605
Thomas P. Rausch

46 Orthodoxy and Eastern Christianity 617
John A. McGuckin

47 Anglicanism 628
Kevin Ward

48 Protestantism 641
Alister McGrath

49 Pentecostal and Charismatic Christianity 653
Allan H. Anderson

50 Indigenous and Vernacular Christianity 664
Michèle Miller Sigg, Eva M. Pascal, and Gina A. Zurlo

IV. Expansion and Secularization: A Demographic and Statistical Analysis 683

51 The Transmission of Christian Faith: A Reflection 685
Andrew Walls

52 The Demographics and Dynamics of the World Christian Movement 699
Todd M. Johnson

53 Christianity in Europe and North America: Decline, Transition, or Pluralization? 719
David Martin

Index 733