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The Wiley Blackwell Handbook of Operant and Classical Conditioning

The Wiley Blackwell Handbook of Operant and Classical Conditioning

Frances K. McSweeney , Eric S. Murphy

ISBN: 978-1-118-46817-3

May 2014, Wiley-Blackwell

760 pages



This combined survey of operant and classical conditioning provides professional and academic readers with an up-to-date, inclusive account of a core field of psychology research, with in-depth coverage of the basic theory, its applications, and current topics including behavioral economics.

  • Provides comprehensive coverage of operant and classical conditioning, relevant fundamental theory, and applications including the latest techniques
  • Features chapters by leading researchers, professionals, and academicians
  • Reviews a range of core literature on conditioning
  • Covers cutting-edge topics such as behavioral economics

Contributors ix

Preface xxi

I Basic Classical Conditioning 1

1 Principles of Pavlovian Conditioning: Description, Content, Function 3
Daniel A. Gottlieb and Elizabeth L. Begej

2 Building a Theory of Pavlovian Conditioning from the Inside Out 27
Douglas A. Williams

3 A Contemporary Behavioral Perspective on Extinction 53
Drina Vurbic and Mark E. Bouton

4 Prologue to “Habituation: A History” 77
Richard F. Thompson

Habituation: A History 79
Richard F. Thompson

II Applied Classical Conditioning 95

5 Conditioned Taste Aversion Learning: Relationship to Nausea and Conditioned Disgust 97
Linda A. Parker

6 Pavlovian Fear Conditioning: Function, Cause, and Treatment 117
Michael S. Fanselow and Sarah R. Sterlace

7 Behavioral Conditioning of Immune Responses: An Overview and Consideration of Clinical Applications 143
Alexander W. Kusnecov

III Basic Operant Conditioning 165

8 Basic Principles of Operant Conditioning 167
Eric S. Murphy and Gwen J. Lupfer

9 Choice 195
James E. Mazur and Edmund Fantino

10 Conditioned Reinforcement 221
Matthew C. Bell and Margaret A. McDevitt

11 Behavioral Momentum and Resistance to Change 249
Andrew R. Craig, John A. Nevin, and Amy L. Odum

12 Behavioral Economics and the Analysis of Consumption and Choice 275
Steven R. Hursh

13 Delay and Probability Discounting 307
Leonard Green, Joel Myerson, and Ariana Vanderveldt

14 Characteristics, Theories, and Implications of Dynamic Changes in Reinforcer Effectiveness 339
Frances K. McSweeney and Eric S. Murphy

15 Verbal Behavior 369
David C. Palmer

16 Animal Cognition 393
William A. Roberts

17 Instrumental and Classical Conditioning: Intersections, Interactions and Stimulus Control 417
Stanley J. Weiss

IV Applied Operant Conditioning 453

18 Modern Animal Training: A Transformative Technology 455
Karen Pryor and Kenneth Ramirez

19 Autism and Behavior Analysis: History and Current Status 483
Travis Thompson

20 Parenting 509
Raymond G. Miltenberger and Kimberly A. Crosland

21 Behavior Analysis in Education 533
Janet S. Twyman

22 Operant Conditioning in Developmental Disabilities 559
Jeffrey H. Tiger, Brittany C. Putnam, and Caitlin S. Peplinski

23 Precision Teaching: The Legacy of Ogden Lindsley 581
Kent Johnson and Elizabeth M. Street

24 Behavioral Pharmacology: A Brief Overview 611
John M. Roll

25 Contingency Management Treatments for Substance-Use Disorders and Healthy Behaviors 627
Leonardo F. Andrade and Nancy M. Petry

26 Organizational Behavior Management: Past, Present, and Future 645
William B. Abernathy and Darnell Lattal

27 Clinical Behavior Analysis 669
William C. Follette and Sabrina M. Darrow

28 Aging 695
Jonathan C. Baker and Linda A. LeBlanc

Index 715