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The Wiley Guide to Project Organization and Project Management Competencies



The Wiley Guide to Project Organization and Project Management Competencies

Peter Morris (Editor), Jeffrey K. Pinto (Editor)

ISBN: 978-0-470-22683-4 September 2007 368 Pages


A guide to the human factors in project management: knowledge, learning, and maturity

The Wiley Guides to the Management of Projects address critical, need-to-know information that will help professionals successfully manage projects in most businesses and help students learn the best practices of the industry. They contain not only well-known and widely used basic project management practices but also the newest and most cutting-edge concepts in the broader theory and practice of managing projects.

This third volume in the series covers a range of organizational and people-based topics that are occupying the project management world today. The essence of project management represents a "people" challenge-the ability to appreciate and effectively employ the competencies of all those who are associated with the project development and delivery process. This book explains how you can more successfully manage a project from inception through delivery by learning how to handle critical issues around structure, teams, leadership, power and negotiation, and the whole area of competencies. The expert contributors also include chapters on global project management knowledge and standards, the role of project management associations around the world, project management maturity models, and other key topics.

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1: An Overview of Behavioral Issues in Project Management (Dennis P. Slevin and Jeffrey K. Pinto).

2: Project Management Structures (Erik Larson).

3: Contemporary Views on Shaping, Developing, and Managing Teams (Connie L. Delisle).

4: Leadership of Project Teams (Peg Thoms and John J. Kerwin).

5: Power, Influence, and Negotiation in Project Management (John M. Magenau and Jeffrey K. Pinto).

6: Managing Human Resources in the Project-Oriented Company (Martina Huemann, Rodney Turner, and Anne Keegan).

7: Competencies: Organizational and Personal (Andrew Gale).

8: Projects: Learning at the Edge of Organization (Christophe N. Bredillet).

9: The Validity of Knowledge in Project Management and the Challenge of Learning and Competency Development (Peter W.G. Morris).

10: Global Body of Project Management Knowledge and Standards (Lynn Crawford).

11: Lessons Learned: Project Evaluation (J. Davidson Frame).

12: Developing Project Management Capability: Benchmarking, Maturity, Modeling, Gap Analyses, and ROI Studies (C. William Ibbs, Justin M. Reginato, and Young Hoon Kwak).

13: Project Management Maturity Models (Terry Cooke-Davies).

14: Professional Associations and Global Initiatives (Lynn Crawford).