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The Wiley Handbook of Home Education

The Wiley Handbook of Home Education

Milton Gaither (Editor)

ISBN: 978-1-118-92689-5

Mar 2017, Wiley-Blackwell

544 pages


The Wiley Handbook of Home Education is a comprehensive collection of the latest scholarship in all aspects of home education in the United States and abroad.
  • Presents the latest findings on academic achievement of home-schooled children, issues of socialization, and legal argumentation about home-schooling and government regulation
  • A truly global perspective on home education, this handbook includes the disparate work of scholars outside of the U.S.
  • Typically understudied topics are addressed, such as the emotional lives of home educating mothers and the impact of home education on young adults
  • Writing is accessible to students, scholars, educators, and anyone interested in home schooling issues

Notes on Contributors vii

Introduction to The Wiley Handbook of Home Education 1
Milton Gaither

Part I Home Education in the United States 5

1 The History of Homeschooling 7
Milton Gaither

2 Using Survey Data Sets to Study Homeschooling 32
Eric Isenberg

3 Legal Issues in Homeschooling 59
Antony Barone Kolenc

4 The Calculus of Departure: Parent Motivations for Homeschooling 86
Joseph Murphy, Milton Gaither, and Christine E. Gleim

5 Academic Achievement: Making an Informed Choice about Homeschooling 121
Sandra Martin‐Chang and Kyle Levesque

6 Homeschooler Socialization: Skills, Values, and Citizenship 135
Robert Kunzman

7 Homeschoolers and Higher Education 157
Marc Snyder

8 Homeschooling Motherhood 186
Jennifer Lois

9 Homeschooling among Ethnic‐Minority Populations 207
Cheryl Fields‐Smith

10 Teaching the Child with Exceptional Needs at Home 222
Karen Hurlbutt‐Eastman

11 Homeschooling 2.0: An Overview of Online Learning in K–12 Education across the United States 246
Bryan Mann

Part II Home Education Worldwide 269

12 Home Education in Canada 271
Christine Brabant and Marine Dumond

13 Home Education in the United Kingdom 303
Helen E. Lees and Fiona Nicholson

14 Common Themes in Australian and New Zealand Home Education Research 329
Glenda M. Jackson

15 Theories, Practices, and Environments of Learning and Home Education in Latin America 362
Erwin Fabián García López, Diego Fernando Barrera Tenorio, and Wills Emilio Alejandro Fonseca

16 The Legal Situation of Home Education in Europe 395
Henk Blok, Michael S. Merry, and Sjoerd Karsten

17 Home Education Experience in Selected Post‐Communist Countries 422
Yvona Kostelecká

18 Home Education in Asia Minor 446
Elife Doğan Kılıç

19 Home Education in China 468
Xiaoming Sheng

20 Contemporary Homeschooling and the Issue of Racism: The Case of South Africa 494
Michael Olalekan Olatunji

Index 516