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The Wiley Handbook of Personality Assessment



The Wiley Handbook of Personality Assessment

Updesh Kumar

ISBN: 978-1-119-17349-6 January 2016 Wiley-Blackwell 480 Pages

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The Wiley Handbook of Personality Assessment presents the state-of-the-art in the field of personality assessment, providing a perspective on emerging trends, and placing these in the context of research advances in the associated fields.
  • Explores emerging trends and perspectives in personality assessment, building on current knowledge and looking ahead to the future landscape of the field
  • Discusses emerging technologies and how these can be combined with psychological theories in order to enhance the real-world practice of assessing personality
  • Comprehensive sections address gaps in current knowledge and collate contributions and advances from diverse areas and perspectives
  • The chapter authors are eminent scholars from across the globe who bring together new research from many different countries and cultures
About the Editor x

About the Contributors xii

Foreword by Professor Irving B. Weiner xxxi

Preface xxxiii

Section I Emerging Conceptual Trends 1

1 Integrating Trait and Process Approaches to Personality: A Sketch of an Agenda 3
Robert R. McCrae

2 Personality Assessment and Theory 19
Philip J. Corr and Arthur E. Poropat

3 Situational Perception: Its Theoretical Foundation, Assessment, and Links to Personality 31
Kai T. Horstmann and Matthias Ziegler

4 Temperamental Components of the Developing Personality 44
James B. Victor, Mary K. Rothbart, Spencer R. Baker, and Jennifer L. Tackett

5 Integrity Tests: A Review of Alternate Conceptualizations and Some Measurement and Practical Issues 59
Chockalingam Viswesvaran and Deniz S. Ones

6 Network Analysis: A New Way to Think about Personality 74
Giulio Costantini and Marco Perugini

7 Theory and Measurement of Trait Emotional Intelligence 90
K.V. Petrides, Alexander B. Siegling, and Donald H. Saklofske

8 Beyond IQ and EQ: The Bar‐On Multifactor Model of Performance 104
Reuven Bar‐On

9 Measuring the Dark Side of Personality 119
Ashton C. Southard and Virgil Zeigler‐Hill

10 Diversity and Assessment 134
Joyce P. Chu, Brian A. Maruyama, Ashley Elefant, and Bruce Bongar

11 Future Directions for Personality Assessment: An African Perspective 146
Sumaya Laher

12 Advances in the Use and Interpretation of the MMPI‐2 158
Salazar‐Schneiderman, Caroline S. Tonetti, Lacey M. Sommers, and Roger L. Greene

Section II Emerging Assessment Perspectives and Methodological Issues 173

13 Objective Personality Assessment with the MMPI‐2: An Internationally Adaptable Measure 175
James N. Butcher

14 Precision Assessment: An Individualized and Temporally Dynamic Approach to Understanding Patients in their Daily Lives 192
Michael J. Roche and Aaron L. Pincus

15 Are Situational Judgment Tests Better Assessments of Personality than Traditional Personality Tests in High‐Stakes Testing? 205
Deborah L. Whetzel and Michael A. McDaniel

16 Alternatives to Self‐Reports: Conditional Reasoning Problems and Implicit Association Test (IAT) Based Tasks 215
Zvonimir Galic,́ Andreja Bubic,́ and Maja Parmac ̌Kovacǐ ć

17 Therapeutic Assessment in Clinical and Counseling Psychology Practice 228
Radhika Krishnamurthy, Stephen E. Finn, and Filippo Aschieri

18 Personality Assessment in Ecological Settings by Means of Virtual Reality 240
Pietro Cipresso and Giuseppe Riva

19 The Use of the Hare Psychopathy Checklist (PCL‐R) and Rorschach Inkblot Method (RIM) in Forensic Psychological Assessment 249
Carl B. Gacono, Aaron J. Kivisto, Jason M. Smith, and Ted B. Cunliffe

20 Holtzman Inkblot Technique and Personality Assessment 268
C.R. Darolia

21 Integrative Treatments Come of Age: Systematic Treatment Selection (STS) 285
Christopher J. Edwards, Lori Holleran, and Larry E. Beutler

22 Personality Assessment Paradigms: Issues and Challenges 302
Vijay Parkash and Updesh Kumar

23 Identification and Assessment of the Correlates of Military Suicide 323
Kasie L. Hummel, James Sottile, Danielle Spangler, and Bruce Bongar

24 Integrative Clinical Assessment of Sexual and Gender Minority Clients 333
Whitney Bliss, Samantha Pflum, Matthew Skinta, Rylan J. Testa, Rebecca Floyd, and Peter Goldblum

25 Using the Johnson‐Neyman Procedure to Detect Item Bias in Personality Tests: A Proposed New Method and
Practical Guidelines for Data Analysis 346
Burak Tunca

26 User Reactions to Personality Assessment: Implications for Assessment Credibility, Utility, and Practicality 361
Chris D. Fluckinger and Andrea F. Snell

27 Novel Approaches to Adjusting for Positive Response Distortion with the Personality Assessment Inventory 374
John E. Kurtz, Lindsey L. Bupp, and Corinne M. Henk

28 Applicant Faking Behavior: The Elephant in the Room 387
Richard L. Griffith, Patrick D. Converse, Yumiko Mochinushi, and Matthias Ziegler

29 Transforming Assessment: New Pedagogies for the Digital Age 399
Swati Johar and Updesh Kumar

30 Ethical Issues in Personality Assessment 415
Swati Mukherjee and Updesh Kumar

Index 427