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The Wiley Handbook of Positive Clinical Psychology



The Wiley Handbook of Positive Clinical Psychology

Alex M. Wood (Editor), Judith Johnson (Editor)

ISBN: 978-1-118-46822-7 April 2016 Wiley-Blackwell 512 Pages


Edited by the founder of the field, this is the first handbook on positive clinical psychology—a revolutionary approach that places equal importance on both the positive and negative aspects of mental health and well-being.

  • The first handbook on positive clinical psychology, a revolutionary approach that places equal importance on the positive and negative aspects of mental health and well-being
  • Brings together new work from authorities in positive psychology and clinical psychology to offer an integrated examination of well-being as it relates to personality, psychopathology, psychological treatments, and more
  • Discusses theory, research, and practice across a broad range of topics such as optimism, positive affect, well-being therapy, childhood well-being, evolutionary perspectives, and clinical implementation
  • Contains essential information for researchers, instructors and practitioners in clinical psychology, positive psychology, mental health, and well-being in general

List of Contributors xi

Part I Developing a Positive Clinical Psychology 1

1 Positive Clinical Psychology: An Introduction 3
Alex M. Wood and Judith Johnson

2 Toward a More Positive Clinical Psychology: Deconstructing the Illness Ideology and Psychiatric Diagnosis 19
James E. Maddux

3 Why Clinical Psychology Should Not Go “Positive” – and/or “Negative” 31
Barbara S. Held

4 A Practical Guide to Positive Functioning Assessment in Clinical Psychology 47
Stephen Joseph and Tom G. Patterson

Part II Personality and Individual Differences 57

5 Positive Mood Dysfunction in Psychopathology: A Structural Perspective 59
David Watson

6 Resilience: The Bi-Dimensional Framework 73
Judith Johnson

7 Self-Efficacy: A Foundational Concept for Positive Clinical Psychology 89
James E. Maddux and Evan M. Kleiman

8 Empathy: “The Good, The Bad and The Ugly” 103
Eamonn Ferguson

9 Nostalgia: A Bittersweet Emotion that Confers Psychological Health Benefits 125
Constantine Sedikides and Tim Wildschut

10 A Dark Side of Gratitude? Distinguishing between Beneficial Gratitude and its Harmful Impostors for the Positive Clinical Psychology of Gratitude and Well-Being 137
Alex M. Wood, Robert A. Emmons, Sara B. Algoe, Jeffrey J. Froh, Nathanial M. Lambert, and Philip Watkins

11 Using Eudaimonic Well-being to Improve Lives 153
Chiara Ruini and Carol D. Ryff

12 Positive Clinical Gerontology: Integrating “Positive” and “Negative” Perspectives on Aging 167
Adam Davidson and George Vaillant

Part III Disorders 181

13 Improving the Capacity to Treat Depression using Talking Therapies: Setting a Positive Clinical Psychology Agenda 183
Barnaby D. Dunn and Henrietta Roberts

14 Don’t Worry, Be Happy: Toward a Positive Clinical Psychology for Anxiety Disorders 205
Philip C. Watkins and Andrew Pereira

15 A Growth Perspective on Post-traumatic Stress 223
Elizabeth L. Addington, Richard G. Tedeschi, and Lawrence G. Calhoun

16 “A Positive Mood Cannot be too Positive”: How to Utilize Positive and Negative Clinical Psychology in Bipolar Disorder 233
Warren Mansell

17 Positive Clinical Psychology and the Promotion of Happiness, Compassion, and Autonomy in People with Psychosis 245
Paul Hutton

18 An Integrative Model of Personality Strengths and Weaknesses 261
Thomas A. Widiger

19 Resilience and Protective Factors in Childhood and Adolescence 279
Peter J. Taylor

20 Suicidal Behavior: The Power of Prospection 293
Andrew K. MacLeod

Part IV Positive Psychology Interventions in Clinical Practice 305

21 Positive Psychological Interventions: An Overview 307
Acacia C. Parks and Liudmila Titova

22 Positive Psychotherapy: Clinical Application of Positive Psychology 321
Tayyab Rashid and Ryan N. Howes

23 Positive Activity Interventions for Mental Health Conditions: Basic Research and Clinical Applications 349
Lilian J. Shin and Sonja Lyubomirsky

24 Interventions to Promote Forgiveness are Exemplars of Positive Clinical Psychology 365
Everett L. Worthington, Jr., Brandon J. Griffin, Caroline R. Lavelock, Chelsea M. Hughes, Chelsea L. Greer, Steven J. Sandage, and Mark S. Rye

25 Mindfulness in Positive Clinical Psychology 381
Shauna Shapiro, Sarah de Sousa, and Carley Hauck

26 Well-being Therapy 395
Giovanni A. Fava

27 Quality of Life Therapy 409
Michael B. Frisch

Part V Reinterpreting Existing Therapies 427

28 Person-Centered Psychology: An Organismic Positive Approach to the Problems of Living and Helping People Flourish 429
Pete Sanders and Stephen Joseph

29 Acceptance and Commitment Therapy: A Contextual View of “Positive” and “Negative” as Applied to Positive Clinical Psychology 445
Timothy K. Feeney and Steven C. Hayes

30 Schema Therapy 461
Christopher D. J. Taylor and Arnoud Arntz

Index 477