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The Wiley Handbook of School Choice

The Wiley Handbook of School Choice

Robert A. Fox (Editor), Nina K. Buchanan (Editor)

ISBN: 978-1-119-08236-1

Mar 2017, Wiley-Blackwell

584 pages


The Wiley Handbook of School Choice presents a comprehensive collection of original essays addressing the wide range of alternatives to traditional public schools available in contemporary US society.
  • A comprehensive collection of the latest research findings on school choices in the US, including charter schools, magnet schools, school vouchers, home schooling, private schools, and virtual schools
  • Viewpoints of both advocates and opponents of each school choice provide balanced examinations and opinions
  • Perspectives drawn from both established researchers and practicing professionals in the U.S. and abroad and from across the educational spectrum gives a holistic outlook
  • Includes thorough coverage of the history of traditional education in the US, its current state, and predictions for the future of each alternative school choice

Notes on Contributors viii

Introduction 1
Robert A. Fox and Nina K. Buchanan

1 A Brief History of Public Education in the United States 13
Sylvia L. Mendez, Monica S. Yoo, and John L. Rury

2 A Brief and Future History of School Choice 28
Guilbert C. Hentschke

3 School Choice: An Overview of Selected International Perspectives 46
Charles J. Russo and Nina Ranieri

4 A Political Scientist Looks at American School Choice 57
Jeffrey R. Henig

5 The Economics of School Choice 69
Sean P. Corcoran and Sarah A. Cordes

6 Philosophical Understandings of American School Choice 81
Terri S. Wilson

7 Private Schools 96
Ronald L. Reynolds

8 The Case for Private Schools 117
Joe McTighe

9 The Case Against Private Schooling 131
Jeanne M. Powers and Amanda U. Potterton

10 Private Schooling in Portugal: The Road to Freedom 149
Rodrigo Queiroz e Melo

11 Magnet Schools: History, Description, and Effects 158
Jia Wang and Joan Herman

12 The Case For Magnet Schools 180
Gladys Pack

13 The Case Against Magnet Schools 194
Christine H. Rossell

14 Specialist Schools in England: Reflections from across the Atlantic 215
Hannah Chestnutt and Christopher Chapman

15 Description and Brief History of Charter Schools: What are the Main Issues? What Do the Data Say About Their Effectiveness? 224
Gary Miron

16 The Case for Charters 237
Susan Aud Pendergrass and Nora Kern

17 The Case Against Charter Schools 252
F. Howard Nelson

18 Lessons the United States Can Learn From Sweden’s Experience with Independent Schools 267
Gunnel Mohme

19 An Introduction to Educational Vouchers 275
John F. Witte

20 The Case for School Vouchers 287
Patrick J. Wolf and Anna J. Egalite

21 The Weak Case for Vouchers 304
Christopher Lubienski and T. Jamison Brewer

22 Lessons the United States Can Learn From Chile’s Experience with School Vouchers 322
Claudio Sapelli

23 A Description and Brief History of Home Schooling in America 329
Brian D. Ray

24 A Case for Home Schooling 344
Darren A. Jones

25 Home Schooling: Putting Parental Rights Over Children’s Best Interest 362
Martha Albertson Fineman

26 What the United States Can Learn from Canada’s Experience with Home Schooling 376
Deani Van Pelt and Lynn Bosetti

27 Making the Choice to go Online: Exploring Virtual Schooling as an Option for K]12 Students 384
Leanna Archambault and Kathryn Kennedy

28 The Case for K]12 Online Learning 403
Jered Borup and Kathryn Kennedy

29 K–12 Online Learning and School Choice: Growth and Expansion in the Absence of Evidence 421
Michael K. Barbour

30 Virtual Schooling in Australia: From “School of the Air” to “Distance Education” 441
Jennifer Buckingham

31 Losing the War of Ideas? Why Teachers Unions Oppose School Choice 450
Robert Maranto and Evan Rhinesmith

32 Religion in Schools 465
Elizabeth Green and Ray Pennings

33 Educating Students with Disabilities in the School Choice Context 478
Lauren Morando Rhim and Eileen Ahearn

34 School Choice and Legal Issues 493
Suzanne E. Eckes and Regina Umpstead

35 A Critical Look at Parental Choice: Is Parental Choice a Broken Promise? 507
Kathryn Hill and Janelle Scott

36 School Choice: The Impact of Ethnicity, Race, Diversity, and Inclusion 517
Nina K. Buchanan

37 Media Coverage of School Choice 532
Alex Medler

Conclusion 549
Robert A. Fox and Nina K. Buchanan

Index 555