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The Winning Bank

The Winning Bank

Emmanuel Daniel

ISBN: 978-1-119-21895-1

Dec 2017

250 pages

Select type: O-Book


Thought leader expertise and real-world models for thriving in the face of banking's evolution

The Winning Bankprovides a roadmap for successfully navigating the changing banking landscape. Written by an industry intelligence leader, this book focuses on the business of banking—from balance sheets and risk to technology and economics—to describe the winning formulas that are shaping the face of a new generation. Drawing from ideas attributed to John Reed, as well as the 'four phases of societal change' proposed by The Rand Corporation, the unique models described here are designed to help decision makers chart their own paths into the future. Interviews with global banking leaders from Wells Fargo, Citigroup, the FDIC, RBS, SWIFT, ICBC and ICICI provide real-world high-level insight on current trends and future demands, while operational data, historical facts and actual balance sheets provide data to back the models and ideas discussed.

The banking industry is in the midst of a rapid evolution, and professionals are scrambling to make sense of and respond to the changes coming at an increasingly rapid pace. This book gives you the full story, covering both the minute technical changes as well as broad strokes implications to better inform your strategy moving forward.

  • Delve into the current state of banking worldwide
  • Explore the latest technologies that are redefining the industry
  • Embrace the new trends that can grow your customer base
  • Get thought-leader perspective from global banking authorities

New regulations, disintermediation, big data, changing structures and new customer demands are all leaving their mark on what was once thought to be an established and settled way of doing business. To survive, banks must embrace the changes as they come and exploit every tool at their disposal to meet the future's expectations. The Winning Bank provides authoritative guidance and real-world insight to help banks thrive amidst the changes.