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The World Economy, Global Trade Policy 1996

The World Economy, Global Trade Policy 1996

Sven Arndt (Editor), Chris Milner (Editor)

ISBN: 978-0-631-20348-3 November 2011 Wiley-Blackwell 224 Pages


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This book is the second in an annual series in which top economists provide a concise and accessible summary of policy development, GATT country reviews and special issues on international trade over the past year. Over a number of years the series will create a valuable reference resource, acting as a vehicle for stimulating interest in current trade policy issues both at the regional leval and at the global level.
1. Introduction: Sven Arndt (Claremont McKenna College) and Chris Milner (University of Nottingham). Institutional Focus.

2. The Role of the OECD in Liberalizing International Trade and Capital Flows: David Henderson (OECD). Regional Focus.

3. Central Europe Looks West: Henryk Kierzkowski (Graduate Institute of International Studies, Geneva).

4. Regionalism and the Bias Against Agriculture in Less Developed Countries: Dean A. DeRosa (ADR International, Virginia). National Trade Policy Reviews.

5. Canadian Trade Policy: The GATT's 1995 Review: Ronald Wonnacott (University of Western Ontario).

6. The Trade Policy Review of the European Union: Jacques Pelkmans and Antonia Giulia Carzaniga (Centre for European Policy Studies, Brussels).

7. The Trade Policy Review of Indonesia: George Fane (Australian National University).

8. Israel's Trade Policy Review of Israel: Mordechai E. Krenin (Michigan State University).

9. The Trade Policy Review of Japan: Robert M. Stern (University of Michigan).

10. The Trade Policy Review of Zimbabwe: Jan Willem Gunning (Free University, Amsterdam). Special Features.

11. The Scope, Implication and Economic Rationale of a Competition-oriented Approach to Future Multilateral Trade Negotiations: Geza Feketekuty (Monterey Institute of International Studies) and Robert A. Rogowsky (US International Trade Commission).

12. Trade Policy and Environmental Protection: Horst Siebert (Kiel Institute of World Economics).

  • A source of information, in an accessible and digestible form, on current trade and policy developments at global, regional and national levels
  • International and highly respected authorship
  • Independent assessments of international agencies and of the GATT Trade Policy Review Mechanism.