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The World News Prism: Digital, Social and Interactive, 9th Edition



The World News Prism: Digital, Social and Interactive, 9th Edition

William A. Hachten, James F. Scotton

ISBN: 978-1-118-80902-0 May 2015 Wiley-Blackwell 288 Pages


Now available in a fully revised and updated ninth edition, World News Prism provides in-depth analysis of the changing role of transnational news media in the 21st-century.

  • Includes three new chapters on Russia, Brazil, and India and a revised chapter on the Middle East written by regional media experts
  • Features comprehensive coverage of the growing impact of social media on how news is being reported and received
  • Charts the media revolutions occurring throughout the world and examines their effects both locally and globally
  • Surveys the latest developments in new media and forecasts future developments

Notes on Contributors ix

Preface to the Ninth Edition xi

Introduction: Fall and Rise of the Media 1

1 Information for a Global System 9

2 Game Changers: Twitters, Videos, Blogs 19

3 GlobalMediaUnderStress 35

4 ImpactofGreatEvents 46

5 English: The Language of theWorld 61

6 Brazil: Latin America’s Communication Leader 77
Heloiza Golbspan Herscovitz

7 Russian Media: Struggling Against New Controls 99
Natalia Bubnova

8 India: Liberalization Spurs Phenomenal Media Growth 119
Sandhya Rao

9 China: A New Media Face But Tighter Control 138

10 Africa: The Mobile Continent 159

11 The Middle East: Media in the Midst of Turmoil 177
Rasha Abdulla

12 Reporters Abroad: Paid, Free, and Harassed 196

13 ReportingWar 210

14 Public Diplomacy and Propaganda 229

15 Conclusions and Outlook 246

Selected Bibliography 259

Index 263