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The WorldatWork Handbook of Compensation, Benefits and Total Rewards: A Comprehensive Guide for HR Professionals



The WorldatWork Handbook of Compensation, Benefits and Total Rewards: A Comprehensive Guide for HR Professionals


ISBN: 978-1-119-10433-9 March 2015 864 Pages


Praise for The WorldatWork Handbook of Compensation, Benefits & Total Rewards

This is the definitive guide to compensation and benefits for modern HR professionals who must attract, motivate, and retain quality employees. Technical enough for specialists but broad in scope for generalists, this well-rounded resource belongs on the desk of every recruiter and HR executive. An indispensable tool for understanding and implementing the total rewards concept, the WorldatWork Handbook of Compensation, Benefits, and Total Rewards is the key to designing compensation practices that ensure organizational success.

Coverage includes:

  • Why the total rewards strategy works
  • Developing the components of a total rewards program
  • Common ways a total rewards program can go wrong
  • Designing and implementing a total rewards program
  • Communicating the total rewards vision
  • Developing a compensation philosophy and package
  • FLSA and other laws that affect compensation
  • Determining and setting competitive salary levels
  • And much more

Introduction: Redefining Employee Rewards

Anne C. Ruddy, CCP, CPCU, President, World at Work xx

About the Author xxii

1. Total Rewards: Everything That Employees Value in the Employment Relationship 1

2. Why the Total Rewards Approach Works 14

3. Developing a Total Rewards Strategy 18

4. Designing a Total Rewards Program 28

5. Communicating Total Rewards 53

6. Compensation Fundamentals 87

7. Regulatory Environment: The FLSA and Other Laws That Affect Compensation Practices 109

8. Market Pricing 143

9. Salary Surveys: A Snapshot 161

10. Job Analysis, Documentation, and Evaluation 180

11. Base Pay Structures 223

12. Sales Compensation Fundamentals 257

13. Executive Compensation: An Introduction 287

14. Linking Pay to Performance 311

15. Cash Bonus Plans and Recognition Programs 338

16. Equity-Based Rewards 366

17. Employee Benefits Basics 397

18. Benefits Compliance: An Overview for the HR Professional 428

19. Worker Privacy, Unpaid Leave, and Other Benefit-Related Laws That Protect the Individual 458

20. Planning Benefits Strategically 483

21. Implementing Flexible Benefits 500

22. Work-Life Effectiveness 518

23. Caring for Dependents 541

24. Culture at Work 566

Notes 585

Total Rewards Glossary 589

Handbook References 821

World at Work Bibliography 823

Index 827