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The Year's Work 1997 in Critical and Cultural Theory 7

The Year's Work 1997 in Critical and Cultural Theory 7

Kate McGowan (Editor)

ISBN: 978-0-631-21930-9

Jul 2000, Wiley-Blackwell

416 pages

Select type: Hardcover


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Now combined in a new series with The Year's Work in English Studies, The Year's Work in Critical and Cultural Theory, edited by Kate McGowan, is an annual narrative bibliography which aims to provide a comprehensive collection of theoretical essays with bibliographies for work published in a given year. Like its sister volume, YWES 78, YWCCT 7 covers work published in 1997.

YWCCT 7 reviews over three hundred titles in nineteen chapters divided in two parts. Part I: Critical Theory provides a general introductory chapter, followed by coverage of: Semiotics; Psychoanalysis; Feminisms; Colonial Discourse / Postcolonial Theory; Historicism; Queer Theories / Cultures; and Marxism(s) and Post-Marxism(s). Part II: Culture and Communications offers a general introductory survey of Cultural Studies, with subsequent chapters on: Media Studies; Popular Culture; Australian Popular Culture and Media Studies; Popular Music; Virtual Cultures; Film Theory; Art Histories and Visual Culture Studies; Cultural Policy; Aboriginal Identity; Culture and Art; and Multiculturalism.


Part I: Critical Theory:.

1. Critical Theory: General: David Walker (University of Sunderland).

2. Semiotics: Adrian Page (University of Luton).

3. Psychoanalysis: Anne-Marie Smith (Paris 8 Universite).

4. Feminisms: Jill Lebihan (Sheffield Hallam University).

5. Colonial Discourse / Postcolonial Theory: Patrick Williams (Nottingham Trent University) and Nahem Yousaf (University of Hertfordshire).

6. Historicism: Scott Wilson (Lancaster University).

7. Queer Theories/Cultures: Brett Beemyn (Western Illinois University).

8. Marxism(s) and Post-Marxism(s): Glyn Daly: London.

Part II: Culture and Communications:.

9. Cultural Studies: General: Angela Werndly (University of Sunderland).

10. Media Studies: Jeffrey Walsh (The Manchester Metropolitan University).

11. Popular Culture: Hillegonda Rietveld (Goldsmiths College London).

12. Australian Popular Culture and Media Studies: Tara Brabazon (Central Queensland University).

13. Popular Music: David Buckley (Munich).

14. Virtual Cultures: Ian Saunders (University of Western Australia).

15. Film Theory: Susan Puride (Plymouth University).

16. Art Histories and Visual Culture Studies: Angelica Michelis (The Manchester Metropolitan University).

17. Cultural Policy: Robin Trotter (Griffith University).

18. Aboriginal Identity, Culture and Art (Denise Cuthbert, Susan Lowish, Stephen Pritchard and Ceridwen Spark (Monash University).

19. Multiculturalism: Vijay Mishra (University of Alberta).