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The Year's Work in Critical and Cultural Theory 1992, Volume 2

The Year's Work in Critical and Cultural Theory 1992, Volume 2

Stephen Regan (Editor)

ISBN: 978-0-631-18859-9

Jan 1996, Wiley-Blackwell

368 pages

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The Year's Work in Critical and Cultural Theory is a major annual publication derived from its sister volume The Year's Work in English Studies . It provides a comprehensive collection of theoretical essays with bibliographies for work published in a given year.
Volume 2 evaluates work published in 1992.

Part I: Critical and Social Theory:.

1. Critical Theory: General: S. Sim (University of Sunderland).

2. Rhetoric and Deconstruction: R. Jarvis (University of the West of England, Bristol).

3. Semiotics: A. Page.

4. Hermeneutics: K. Littau.

5. Intertextuality: G. Allen.

6. Psychoanalysis: V. Lebeau (University of Sussex).

7. Feminism: S. Mills (Loughborough University). with K. Burlinson, A. Sandhu, P. Polkey, J. Goldman, V. Kolocotroni, L. Brimstone and M. Metzstein.

8. Historicism: T. Pinkney (Lancaster University).

9. Colonial Discourse/Postcolonial Theory: P. Williams (Nottingham Trent University).

10. Art History: J. Harris (University of Keele).

11. Popular Music: D. Buckley (Munich).

12. Media Theory: D. Longhurst.

Part II: An International Perspective of Critical and Cultural Theory:.

13. Speechless Monads, Power-Free Discourse and Techno Trance: Critical and Cultural Theory in Germany Today: R. Emig.

14. Feminism and Theory in Italy: S. Wood.

15. Althusser After Marxism: S. Smith.

16. Modern Western Literary Theories and Russian Cultural Policy (1930s-1990s): A. V. Lashkevitch.

17. Specific Interliterary Communities and the Comparative Study of Literature: Y. Azarov.

18. Home of Memory: Hospitality, Closure and Eastern Europe: T. Slawek.

19. Post-1989 Bulgarian Literary Theory and Criticism: T Stoicheva.

Index to Part I.

  • Essential humanities library purchase
  • Full bibliographies and comprehensive index
  • Expanded coverage of critical and cultural theory
  • Special feature: seven newly commissioned pieces providing post-Glasnost European perspectives.