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The Year's Work in English Studies 1994, Volume 75


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The Year's Work in English Studies 1994, Volume 75

Peter Kitson (Editor)

ISBN: 978-0-631-20460-2 May 1997 Wiley-Blackwell 932 Pages


The Year's Work in English Studies is an annual narrative bibliography which aims to cover all work of quality in English Studies for a given year. Volume 75 evaluates work published in 1994.
1. English Language.

2. Old English Literature.

3. Middle English.

4. Chaucer.

5. The Sixteenth Century (excluding drama after 1550).

6. Shakespeare.

7. Renaissance Drama (excluding Shakespeare).

8. The Earlier Seventeenth Century (excluding drama).

9. Milton.

10. The Later Seventeenth Century.

11. The Eighteenth Century.

12. The Nineteenth Century: Romantic Period.

13. The Nineteenth Century: Victorian Period.

14. The Twentieth Century.

15. American Literature to 1990.

16. American Literature: The Twentieth Century.

17. New Literatures in English.

18. Books Received.

"To exclaim that every day in every way things get better and better is not most people's first reaction on taking a look around. There are a few exceptions to this prevailing gloom, however, and surely none is more inspiring than The Year's Work in English Studies." Times Literary Supplement
  • Comprehensive coverage
  • Key reference work in field
  • Invaluable bibliography
  • Narrative reviews of work published in 1994.