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The Zen of Slime: A DIY Inspiration Notebook

The Zen of Slime: A DIY Inspiration Notebook

Prim Pattanaporn, Alena Woods

ISBN: 978-1-682-68219-7

*Norton agency titles

112 pages

Select type: Paperback

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Slime is the answer.

Fluffy. Crunchy. Smooth. Sparkly. Iridescent. Irresistible.  

Slime has arrived, bringing with it a tangible sense of serenity. It’s a beautiful substance, enjoyed on many levels: Discover the alchemy of making your own; chill out with slime-playing videos; and/or get inspired by playful presentations of every iteration slime can take.  

Whatever your pleasure, The Zen of Slime celebrates it with stunning art, secret recipes, interviews with Instagram sensations, and branding, packaging, and photography advice. Embrace the slime. Your journey has already begun.
Color throughout