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Theology: The Basics, 4th Edition

Theology: The Basics, 4th Edition

Alister E. McGrath

ISBN: 978-1-119-15808-0

Nov 2017, Wiley-Blackwell

296 pages


This fourth edition of the international bestseller is the ideal introduction for those who are new to Christian theology. In this revised and expanded edition, the author introduces readers to the central ideas and beliefs, the key debates and the leading thinkers of Christianity. Throughout, the aim is to bring clarity and brevity to the central ideas of theology, both traditional and contemporary.

The text comprehensively covers the individual doctrines that form the Christian belief system, weaving together these doctrines, their history, and the intellectual nuance behind them into an inter-connected web. All major Christian denominations are explored, as are their differences and shared customs and beliefs. This rich tapestry results in a clear view of Christianity, providing a coherent vision of the religion in its main forms.

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Detailed Contents vii

List of Illustrations xi

Preface xiii

The Development of Christian Theology: A Short Historical Overview xviii

The Apostles’ Creed xxvi

Getting Started xxviii

1 Faith 1

2 God 19

3 Creation 39

4 Jesus 61

5 Salvation 82

6 Spirit 105

7 Trinity 127

8 Church 150

9 Sacraments 170

10 Heaven 191

Moving On 210

Audio and Video Resources for This Textbook 213

Brief Glossary of Theological Terms 214

Details of Theologians Cited 223

Sources of Citations 232

Index 245