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Theoretical Soil Mechanics

Theoretical Soil Mechanics

Karl Terzaghi

ISBN: 978-0-470-17276-6

Dec 2007

528 pages

Select type: O-Book

Section A: General Principles Involved in the Theories of Soil Mechanics

Chapter I: Introduction 1

Chapter II: Stress Conditions for Failure in Soils 7

Chapter III: Plastic Equilibrium in a Semi-Infinite Mass with a Plane Surface 26

Chapter IV: Application of General Theories to Practical Problems 42

Section B: Conditions for Shear Failure in Ideal Soils

Chapter V: Arching in Ideal Soils 66

Chapter VI: Retaining Wall Problems 77

Chapter VII: Passive Earth Pressure 100

Chapter VIII: Bearing Capacity 118

Chapter IX: Stability of Slopes 144

Chapter X: Earth Pressure on Temporary Supports in Cuts, Tunnels, and Shafts 182

Chapter XI: Anchored Bulkheads 216

Section C: Mechanical Interaction Between Solid and Water in Soils

Chapter XII: Effect of Seepage on the Conditions for Equilibrium in Ideal Sand 235

Chapter XIII: Theory of Consolidation 265

Chapter XIV: Capillary Forces 297

Chapter XV: Mechanics of Drainage 309

Section D: Elasticity Problems of Soil Mechanics

Chapter XVI: Theories Involving a Coefficient of Subgrade, Soil, or Pile Reaction 345

Chapter XVII: Theory of Semi-Infinite Elastic Solids 367

Chapter XVIII: Theory of Elastic Layers and Elastic Wedges on a Rigid Base 416

Chapter XIX: Vibration Problems 434


Influence Values for Vertical Stresses in a Semi-Infinite Elastic Solid Due to Surface Loads 481

References 491

Author Index 501

Subject Index 503