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Theory of Tokamak Transport: New Aspects for Nuclear Fusion Reactor Design

Theory of Tokamak Transport: New Aspects for Nuclear Fusion Reactor Design

Leslie Colin Woods

ISBN: 978-3-527-60726-6

May 2006

252 pages



In this new approach for a consistent transport theory in nuclear fusion processes Leslie Woods draws on over 40 years of fusion research to directly compare theoretical findings with experimental results, while taking into account recently discovered phenomena. This is thus the first book to find theoretical explanations to the sometimes-puzzling tokamak observations.
Following a look at the quest for fusion power, the author goes on to examine tokamak magnetic fields and energy losses, as well as plasma flow and loop voltage. There is also a discussion of the technical constraints on the recently announced ITER design.
1 The quest for fusion power
1.1 Tokamak machines
1.2 Basic tokamak variables
1.3 Global confinement times
1.4 Heating
1.5 Electron energy confinement time
2 Tokamak magnetic fields
2.1 Axisymmetric toroidal equilibrium
2.2 Equilibrium in a circular torus
2.3 Particle trapping in magnetic fields
2.4 Trapping in tokamak magnetic fields
2.5 Diffusivity of trapped particles
3 Energy transport in Tokamaks
3.1 Banana orbits
3.2 Thermal conductivity
3.3 Classical treatment of particle transport
3.4 Neoclassical theory and its validity
3.5 Second-order transport
4 Energy losses from Tokamaks
4.1 Low poloidal beta
4.2 High poloidal beta
4.2.1 Oscillatory temperature profiles
4.3 The L and H modes
4.4 Thermal transport in the ion fluid
4.5 Comparison of experiment and theory
4.6 Profile instabilities
5 Plasma flow and loop voltage
5.1 Flow of plasma across strong magnetic fields
5.2 Particle transport
5.3 The toroidal current and voltage relationship
5.4 Toroidal velocities
6 Thermal Instabilities
6.1 Sawtooth oscillations
6.2 Disruptions
6.3 MHD instabilities
6.4 L/H transition, ELMS, Snakes, PEPS and MARFES
6.5 Minimum reactor size for ignition
Appendix: Plasma Physics Notes