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Therapeutic Endoscopy: CD-ROM

Therapeutic Endoscopy: CD-ROM

James Y. W. Lau, Joseph J. Y. Sung, Sydney Chung

ISBN: 978-0-867-93002-3

Aug 1998, Wiley-Blackwell

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Developed from the International Workshops held annually in Hong Kong, this interactive multimedia 2-set CD-ROM demonstrates 'live' procedures performed by a team of expert international endoscopists.

Therapeutic Endoscopy CD-ROM will serve as a graphic introduction to trainee endoscopists and endoscopic nursing staff. Experienced endoscopists will learn the 'tricks of the trade' shared by the world's leading experts.

  • Two multimedia CD-ROMs with digital video and original soundtrack.
  • Each procedure includes background information and important caveats.
  • Key references accompany each procedure.
  • The world's leading authorities demonstrate the very latest endoscopic advances.
  • Provides a direct and easy way of navigation by the click of the mouse to any desired place.
Latest endoscopic advances demonstrated with soundtrack.

Live procedures performedby a team of expert international endoscopists.

Procedures accompanied by references.