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Therapy with Troubled Teenagers: Rewriting Young Lives in Progress

Therapy with Troubled Teenagers: Rewriting Young Lives in Progress

Bob Bertolino, Bill O'Hanlon (Foreword by)

ISBN: 978-0-471-24996-2

Nov 1998

256 pages

Select type: Hardcover

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Solution-oriented therapy focuses on eliciting, evoking, and highlighting the strengths of clients, as opposed to their pathology and deficits. Here, Robert Bertolino explains his great success in applying this model to the treatment of adolescents. He describes how to work with these young clients to help empower them to change their life scripts.
Traversing the Territory: Foundations of a Possibility Therapy Approach.

What Walt Disney Knew: Envisioning the Seemingly Impossible as Possible.

The Lost Worldview: Evoking New Possibilities in the Realm of Viewing.

One Thing Leads to Another (Except When it Doesn't): Evoking New Possibilities in the Realms of Action and Context.

Paving New Roads of Possibility: A Collage of Constructive Conversations.

The World Where You Live: Rewriting Youth Stories in Future Sessions and Beyond.

Encompassing Angles with Circles: Conversations for Accountability and Change.

From End to Beginning: The Case of Richard.

A Return to Yourself: Therapy That Makes a Difference.


"an involving, optimistic, "reader-friendly" discussion of innovative solutions and help for treating teens and their families..." (Wisconsin, March 2003)