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Thermal Radiative Transfer and Properties



Thermal Radiative Transfer and Properties

M. Quinn Brewster

ISBN: 978-0-471-53982-7 February 1992 568 Pages


Not only enables readers to include radiation as part of their design and analysis but also appreciate the radiative transfer processes in both nature and engineering systems. Offers two distinguishing features--a whole chapter devoted to the classical dispersion theory which lays a foundation for the discussion of radiative properties presented throughout and a detailed description of particle radiative properties, including real particle size distribution effects. Presents numerous realistic and instructive illustrations and problems involving current topics such as planetary heat transfer, satellite thermal control, atmospheric radiation, radiation in industrial and propulsion combustion systems and more.
The Nature of Thermal Radiation.

Radiative Properties and Simple Transfer.

Diffuse Surface Transfer.

Electromagnetic Theory Results.

Classical Dispersion Theory.

Monte Carlo Surface Transfer.

Radiative Transfer Equation.

Thermal Radiation Properties of Gases.

Radiative Properties of Particles.

Radiative Transfer in Nonscattering, Homogeneous Media.

Nonisothermal Transfer: Radiative Equilibrium and Diffusion withIsotropic Scattering.

Radiative Transfer with Anisotropic, Multiple Scattering.

Radiative Transfer Coupled with Conduction and Convection.

Monte Carlo in Participating Media.