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Thermal Safety of Chemical Processes: Risk Assessment and Process Design, 2nd Edition

Thermal Safety of Chemical Processes: Risk Assessment and Process Design, 2nd Edition

Francis Stoessel

ISBN: 978-3-527-69692-5

Jul 2019

304 pages


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Completely revised and updated to reflect the current IUPAC standards, this second edition is enlarged by five new chapters dealing with the assessment of energy potential, physical unit operations, emergency pressure relief, the reliability of risk reducing measures, and process safety and process development.
Clearly structured in four parts, the first provides a general introduction and presents the theoretical, methodological and experimental aspects of thermal risk assessment. Part II is devoted to desired reactions and techniques allowing reactions to be mastered on an industrial scale, while the third part deals with secondary reactions, their characterization, and techniques to avoid triggering them. Due to the inclusion of new content and restructuring measures, the technical aspects of risk reduction are highlighted in the new section that constitutes the final part.
Each chapter begins with a case history illustrating the topic in question, presenting lessons learned from the incident. Numerous examples taken from industrial practice are analyzed, and each chapter concludes with a series of exercises or case studies, allowing readers to check their understanding of the subject matter. Finally, additional control questions have been added and solutions to the exercises and problems can now be found.
Part I General Aspects of Thermal Process Safety
1. Introduction to Risk Analysis of Fine Chemical Processes
2. Fundamentals of Thermal Process Safety
3. Assessment of Thermal Risks
4. Experimental Techniques
5. Assessment of the Energy Potential

Part II Mastering Exothermal Reactions
6. General Aspects of Reactor Safety
7. General Aspects of Reactor Safety
8. Batch Reactors
9. Continuous Reactors

Part III Avoiding Secondary Reactions
10. Thermal Stability
11. Autocatalytic Reactions
12. Heat Accumulation
13. Physical Unit Operations

Part IV Technical Aspects of Risk Reduction
14. Heating and Cooling Industrial Reactors
15. Risk Reducing Measures
16. Emergency Pressure Relief
17. Reliability of Risk Reducing Measures
18. Process Safety and Process Development