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Thermochemistry and Equilibria of Organic Compounds



Thermochemistry and Equilibria of Organic Compounds

M. Frenkel (Editor)

ISBN: 978-0-471-18833-9 September 1993 602 Pages


This work offers a comprehensive, up-to-date account of 30 years of thermochemical investigations and findings from around the world.

Thermochemistry and Equilibria of Organic Compounds presents in English three Russian Monographs (on bomb calorimetry, organic substance vaporization thermochemistry, and isomer thermodynamics and equilibria) updated with new perspectives, insights, and achievements in these and many other rapidly developing areas.
Packed with tabular data completely referenced, this important work features a wealth of practical information on ensuring sample purity, methods for mathematical treatment of data, plan development for experimental studies, and the creation of corresponding banks of thermochemical data. The reader will also find discussion on isomerism and elements of symmetry, along with experimental guidelines and diagrams of equipment.
Constructional features of assemblies and examples of how thermodynamic characteristics are used for solving technological problems are detailed.
It is of greatest interest to researchers, specialists, and engineers in the fields of physical and organic chemistry, chemical engineering, petrochemistry, polymer chemistry, pharmaceutics, environmental and solutions chemistry, and chemical energotechnology.
From the Contents:
Bomb Calorimeters/
Temperature Measurements in Calorimetry/
Calorimetric Part of
Thermochemical Experiments/
Chemical Part of Thermochemical Experiment/
Calorimetry of
Combustion 1/m Dissolution/
Calculations for Thermochemical Experiments/
Purification and
Determination of Studied Substance Purity/
Experimental Data on Evaporation Enthalpy and
Organic Substance Vapour Pressures/
Geometry, Classification and Enumeration of Isomers/
Relation Between Structures and Properties of Organic Compounds/
Statistical Regularities in
Thermodynamic Properties of Isomers and Their Equilibrium Relations/
Complex Chemical
Equilibria and Calculation of Equilibrium Compostition of Multicomponent Isomeric Mixtures