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Thermodynamic Properties of Solids: Experiment and Modeling

Thermodynamic Properties of Solids: Experiment and Modeling

S. L. Chaplot (Editor), R. Mittal (Editor), N. Choudhury (Editor)

ISBN: 978-3-527-63042-4 February 2010 342 Pages




Recent years have seen a growing interest in the field of thermodynamic properties of solids due to the development of advanced experimental and modeling tools. Predicting structural phase transitions and thermodynamic properties find important applications in condensed matter and materials science research, as well as in interdisciplinary research involving geophysics and Earth Sciences. The present edited book, with contributions from leading researchers around the world, is aimed to meet the need of academic and industrial researchers, graduate students and non-specialists working in these fields. The book covers various experimental and theoretical techniques relevant to the subject.
1. Thermodynamic Properties of Solids: Experiment and Modeling
2. Optical Spectroscopy Methods and High-pressure-high-temperature Studies
3. Inelastic Neutron Scattering, Lattice Dynamics, Computer Simulations and Thermodynamic Properties
4. Phonon Spectroscopy using Inelastic X-ray Scattering
5. Heat Capacity of Solids
6. Diffraction and Thermal Expansion of Solids
7. Electronic Structure and High-pressure Behaviour of Solids
8. Ab-initio Lattice Dynamics and Thermodynamic Properties