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Thermodynamics of Solar Energy Conversion

Thermodynamics of Solar Energy Conversion

Alexis De Vos

ISBN: 978-3-527-40841-2

Mar 2008

205 pages

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An excellent and unique generalized introduction to the fundamental principles of future solar energy systems, based on good and consistent physics. In describing the various conversions, the author makes use of endoreversible thermodynamics - a subset of irreversible thermodynamics. In this way, readers are supplied with the information to enable them to calculate the explicit values for a broad class of processes. Throughout, general principles are illustrated using idealized models, and end-of-chapter technological examples are merely presented so as to compare reality with theory. As such, no more than an undergraduate level of physics knowledge is assumed, together with a familiarity with SI units, and no differential equations are used.
1) Radiation
2) The Solar System
3) Thermodynamical Engines
4) Wind Energy Creation
5) Photothermal Conversion
6) Photovoltaic Conversion
7) Hybrid Conversion
8) Multicolour Conversion
9) Chemical Reactions
10) Photosynthesis