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Timber Designers' Manual, 3rd Edition

Timber Designers' Manual, 3rd Edition

E. C. Ozelton, J. A. Baird

ISBN: 978-0-470-69102-1 February 2008 Wiley-Blackwell 560 Pages


This major structural engineering manual covers overall detail design of structural timber and includes extensive tables and coefficients for speedy reference. The current edition takes account of revisions to BS 5268: Part 2 and outlines the new Eurocode on timber. It is available for the first time in paperback.
The materials used in timber engineering; Stress levels for solid timber; Loading; The design of beams - general notes; Beams of solid timber; Multiple section beams; Glulam beams; Thin web beams; Lateral stability of beams; Structure composite lumber; Solid timber decking; Deflection. Practical and special considerations; Tension members; General design of compression members; Columns of solid timber; Multi-member columns; Glulam columns; Mechanical joints; Glue joints, including finger joints; Stress skin panels; Trusses; Structural design for fire resistance; Consideration of overall stability; Preservation.Durability.Moisture content; Considerations for the structural use of hardwood; Prototype testing; Design to eurocode 5; Miscellaneous tables
From reviews of the last edition

'the complete design manual ... a 'must' - Timber Trades Journal
'the manual continues its established position as an authoritative reference and in providing numerous time saving design aids.' - Institute of Wood Science Journal

* available for the first time in paperback
* recognised as a standard reference work for structural engineers
* one of the first books to provide an introduction to the new Eurocode on timber
* features extensive tables of reference material