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Timber Engineering

Timber Engineering

Sven Thelandersson (Editor), Hans J. Larsen (Editor)

ISBN: 978-0-470-84469-4

Mar 2003

456 pages

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Timber construction is one of the most prevalent methods of constructing buildings in North America and an increasingly significant method of construction in Europe and the rest of the world. Timber Engineering deals not only with the structural aspects of timber construction, structural components, joints and systems based on solid timber and engineered wood products, but also material behaviour and properties on a wood element level. Produced by internationally renowned experts in the field, this book represents the state of the art in research on the understanding of the material behaviour of solid wood and engineered wood products.

There is no comparable compendium currently available on the topic - the subjects represented include the most recent phenomena of timber engineering and the newest development of practice-related research. Grouped into three different sections, 'Basic properties of wood-based structural elements', 'Design aspects on timber structures' and 'Joints and structural assemblies', this book focuses on key issues in the understanding of:

  • timber as a modern engineered construction material with controlled and documented properties
  • the background for design of structural systems based on timber and engineered wood products
  • the background for structural design of joints in structural timber systems

Furthermore, this invaluable book contains advanced teaching material for all technical schools and universities involved in timber engineering. It also provides an essential resource for timber engineering students and researchers, as well as practicing structural and civil engineers.

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List of Contributors.


Timber Engineering - General Introduction (Sven Thelandersson).


Introduction: Wood as a Construction Material (Sven Thelandersson).

Grading of Timber with Respect to Mechanical Properties (Carl-Johan Johansson).

Structural Timber - Variability and Statistical Modelling (Tord Isaksson).

Mechanical Performance and Modelling of Glulam (Erik Serrano).

Engineered Wood Products for Structural Purposes (Frank Lam, Helmut Prion).

Fracture Perpendicular to Grain - Structural Applications (Per Johan Gustafsson).

Strength Under Long-term Loading  (Preben Hoffmeyer).

Effects of Climate and Climate Variations on Strength (Alpo Ranta-Maunus).


Introduction: Safety and Serviceability in Timber Engineering (Sven Thelandersson).

Reliability of Structures with Timber and Wood-Based Products (Ricardo O. Foschi).

Design of Structures based on Glulam, LVL and Other Solid Timber Products (Hans J. Larsen).

Short- and Long-term Deformations of Timber Structures (Annika Mårtensson).

Vibrations of Timber Floors: Serviceability Aspects (Ian Smith).

Design for Earthquake Resistance (Erol Karacabeyli and Marjan Popovski).


Introduction: Fasteners, Joints and Composite Structures (Hans J. Larsen).

Joints with Dowel-type Fasteners (Hans J. Blass).

Structural Adhesive Joints Including Glued-in Bolts (Simon Aicher).

Trusses and Joints with Punched Metal Plate Fasteners (Jacob Nielsen).

Shear Walls and Diaphragms (Helmut G.L. Prion, Frank Lam).

Composite Structures (Ario Ceccotti).


""...worthy of recognition...should not be assigned to the bookshelf...will be established as a constant source of reference..."" (Jnl of the Inst of Wood Science, Winter 2004)