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Time & Diagonal Spreads: Advanced Strategies for Active Traders

Time & Diagonal Spreads: Advanced Strategies for Active Traders

James B. Bittman

ISBN: 978-1-592-80383-5

Jan 2010

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Run time: 1 hour 17 min. A complete course in mastering master one of the most powerful weapons in the trader’s arsenal delivered by an options trading legend

A time spread is a short-term, market-neutral strategy that offers potentially high percentage profits with small dollar risk. In a diagonal spread an options trader simultaneously enters into a long and a short position in two options of the same type, but with different strike prices and expiration dates. When properly combined with other strategies, time and diagonal spreads are unbeatable tools for balancing risk and reward. In this new interactive DVD course, legendary CBOE Options Institute Senior Instructor, Jim Bittman, walks you through proven strategies for unleashing the power of time and diagonal spreads to dramatically boost your trading returns.

  •  Options trading legend, Jim Bittman offers a frank assessment of the advantages and pitfalls of time and diagonal spreads and gets you quickly up to speed in their proper use
  • Throughout, Bittman’s presentation is supplemented with numerous real-world examples that drawn from his own successful career as an options trader
  • He arms you with time-tested valuation formulas for calculating the most realistic targets to set in order to optimize your trades
  • Taking full advantage of the interactive feature, he walks you through not one, but three different ways of trading time spreads, entering spread orders, and examining price behaviour