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Time-Domain Electromagnetic Reciprocity in Antenna Modeling




Time-Domain Electromagnetic Reciprocity in Antenna Modeling

Martin Stumpf

ISBN: 978-1-119-61231-5 November 2019 Wiley-IEEE Press 240 Pages


This book focuses on the development of time-domain (TD) numerical schemes and analytical solutions in order to explore modeling methodologies for analyzing TD EM wave fields associated with fundamental antenna topologies.  The author begins by applying the reciprocity theorem to formulate a direct EM scattering problem regarding EM scattering and radiation from a thin-wire antenna.  Subsequent chapters explore the handling of EM reciprocity relation with the aid of the Cagniard-DeHoop method and propose a straightforward methodology for incorporating ohmic loss of the analyzed thin-wire antenna.  Other topics covered in the book include the impact of a wire scatterer on the self-response of a thin-wire transmitting antenna, analysis of the change of EM scattering from a thin-wire antenna due to a change in its localized load, and more.