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Time Management For Dummies, Mini Edition

Time Management For Dummies, Mini Edition

Dirk Zeller

ISBN: 978-1-118-55070-0

Oct 2012

64 pages

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Use your time effectively and get greater results!

Everyone is endowed with the same amount of time each day: 86,400 seconds — and your ability to manage that time toward goals and objectives can tip the balance of success in your favor. No matter what career and job role you're in, this practical guide delivers solutions for working better and faster, getting rid of time-wasting distractions, and ultimately reducing stress.

Open the book and find:

  • Ways to prioritize your daily efforts
  • Strategies for using time-blocking to achieve goals
  • Tools to help organize your physical and electronic workspace
  • Tips for handling interruptions and ending procrastination

Introduction 1

Icons Used in This Book 1

Where to Go from Here 2

Chapter 1: Setting Yourself Up for Success 3

Getting to Know Yourself 4

Following a System 6

Overcoming Time-Management Obstacles 8

Garnering Support While Establishing Your Boundaries 9

Keeping Motivation High 11

Chapter 2: Prioritizing Your Tasks and Blocking Your Time 13

Focusing Your Energy with the 80/20 Rule 14

Getting Down to Specifics: Daily Prioritization 16

Blocking Off Your Time and Plugging in Your To-Do Items 19

Assessing Your Progress and Adjusting Your Plan as Needed 22

Chapter 3: Saving Time with a Productive Workspace 27

Streamlining Your Workspace 28

Keeping Clutter from Coming Back 30

Limiting the Paper You Receive 33

Chapter 4: Defending Your Day from Interruptions 35

The Fortress: Guarding Your Focus from Invasion 36

Secondary Defenses: Minimizing Damage When Calls Get Through 38

Handling Recurring Interruptions by Co-workers 41

Dealing with Interruption-Oriented Bosses 43

Working with Intrusive Clients 44

Chapter 5: Overcoming Procrastination, a Notorious Time Thief 47

Knowing Whether to Put It Off 48

Laying the Groundwork: Altering Your Mindset and Instituting Discipline 51

Conquering Dreaded Tasks with Sandwich Tactics 53

Maintaining Your Motivation as You Press Ahead 54