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Time and Value

Scott Lash (Editor), Andrew Quick (Editor), Richard Roberts (Editor)

ISBN: 978-0-631-21003-0 December 1998 Wiley-Blackwell 278 Pages


This ground-breaking book addresses transformations in the understanding of time and the generation and degeneration of value at the cutting edge of modernity and postmodernity.
Introduction: Scott Lash, Andrew Quick and Richard Roberts (Lancaster University, UK).

1. Values in the Timescapes of Nature: Barbara Adam (University of Wales, Cardiff, UK).

2. Angels in the Archive: Lines into the Future in the Work of Jacques Derrida and Miché Serres: Roy Boyne (University College Stockton/University of Durham, UK).

3. Time and Neutrality: Media of Modernity in a Postmodern World: Elizabeth Ermarth (University of Edinburgh, UK).

4. The Time of the Real When Disease is 'Actual': Monica Greco (Goldsmith's College, UK).

5. Times of Value, Deconstruction and Value: Elizabeth Grosz (Monash University, Australia).

6. Being After Time: Towards a Politics of Melancholy: Scott Lash (Lancaster University, UK).

7. Catastrophic Times: Alphonso Lingis (Penn State University, USA).

8. Moving at the Speed of Life: Tim Luke (Virginia Polytechnic University, USA).

9. Le Presentisme ou la Valeur du Cycle: Michel Maffesoli (Sorbonne, France).

10. Time and the Event: Andrew Quick (Lancaster University, UK).

11. Fugit Hora: High Fashion, Television and the Ethics of Style: Hilary Radner (University of Notre Dame, USA).

12. Time, Virtuality and the Goddess: Richard Roberts (University of Lancaster, UK).

13. Time, Baroque Codes and Canonization: Bonaventura de Souza Santos (University of Quimbra, Portugal).

14. Staging the Self by Performing the Other: Global Fantasies and the Migration of the Projective Imagination: Luiz Soares (University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil).

  • A ground-breaking study drawing on an extensive range of disciplines which illuminate and clarify the cultural consequences of the transformation of time
  • Explores the recomposition of value systems in the light of the problematics of time with an as yet unmatched range of references provided by leading international scholars
  • Contains contributions from a range of well-established and internationally recognised scholars as well as new and exciting young thinkers