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Timeless Learning: How Imagination, Observation, and Zero-Based Thinking Change Schools

Timeless Learning: How Imagination, Observation, and Zero-Based Thinking Change Schools

Ira Socol, Pam Moran, Chad Ratliff

ISBN: 978-1-119-46168-5

Aug 2018, Jossey-Bass

320 pages


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Reinvent public schools with proven, innovative practices

Our homes, communities, and the world itself need the natural assets our children bring with them as learners, and which they often lose over time on the assembly line that pervades most of the public education system today. We see no actions as more important in school than developing, supporting, and reinforcing children's sense of agency, the value of their voices, and their potential to influence their own communities.

In Timeless Learning, an award-winning team of leaders, Chief Technology Officer Ira Socol, Superintendent Pam Moran, and Lab Schools Principal Chad Ratliff demonstrate how you can implement innovative practices that have shown remarkable success. The authors use progressive design principles to inform pathways to disrupt traditions of education today and show you how to make innovations real that will have a timeless and meaningful impact on students, keeping alive the natural curiosity and passion for learning with which children enter school.

  • Discover the power of project-based and student-designed learning
  • Find out what “maker learning” entails
  • Launch connected and interactive digital learning
  • Benefit from the authors’ “opening up learning” space and time
Using examples from their own successful district as well as others around the country, the authors create a deep map of the processes necessary to move from schools in which content-driven, adult-determined teaching has been the traditional norm to new learning spaces and communities in which context-driven, child-determined learning is the progressive norm.

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Introduction: How We Came to See Learning and School

Foreword by Yong Zhao

Chapter 1: All Means All: Cherishing Children

Chapter 2: A Little History: Why We Are Here

Chapter 3: Change: Liberating Learners and Learning

Chapter 4: The Education World Learners Want

Chapter 5: Envision All Things Future

Chapter 6: Learning Ready for Today’s Real World

Chapter 7: Break Down Walls: Opening Spaces for Learning

Chapter 8: Timeless

Chapter 9: Where Design Begins

Chapter 10: Zero-Based Design: Engineering Biodiversity of Learning

Afterword: The Next Generation