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Tissue Engineering and Regeneration in Dentistry: Current Strategies

Tissue Engineering and Regeneration in Dentistry: Current Strategies

Rachel J. Waddington (Editor), Alastair J. Sloan (Editor)

ISBN: 978-1-118-74107-8

Nov 2016, Wiley-Blackwell

184 pages



Tissue Engineering and Regeneration in Dentistry: Current Strategies presents a thorough update on the current advances, methods and understanding in tissue engineering in dentistry. It offers invaluable tools, case studies, and methodologies for undertaking research, including important biological and practical considerations to facilitate successful migration of research from the bench to the clinic.

  • Offers detailed coverage of the basic underlying principles and scientific evidence, and includes protocols to highlight practical applications
  • Written by an internationally renowned team of expert contributors
  • A must-have read for researchers and specialist clinicians in tissue engineering, oral biology, dental materials science, periodontology and oral surgery

Chapter 1 Induced pluripotent stem cell technologies for tissue Engineering
George T.J. Huang, Ikbale El Ayachi and Xiao-Ying Zou

Chapter 2 Immunomodulation by Adult Stem Cells: Mechanisms of Action and Clinical Applications
Lindsay C Davies, Katarina Le Blanc

Chapter 3 Research Advances in Tissue Regeneration by Dental Pulp Stem Cells
Rachel J Waddington and Alastair J Sloan

Chapter 4 Assessing the potential of Mesenchymal Stem Cells in Craniofacial Bone Repair and Regeneration
Rachel J Waddington, Quentin Jones and Ryan Moseley

Chapter 5 Tissue Culture Models and Approaches for Dental Tissue Regeneration
Alastair J Sloan, John Colombo, Jessica Roberts, Rachel J Waddington, Wayne Ayre

Chapter 6 Industrial translation requirements for manufacture of stem cell-derived and tissue-engineered products
Ivan Wall, David de Silva Thompson, Carlotta Peticone, Roman Perez

Chapter 7 Periodontal Tissue Engineering
Saso Ivanovski S, P Mark Bartold, Stan Gronthos S, Dietmar W Hutmacher

Chapter 8 Clinical strategies for dental and periodontal disease management – a way forward
Anibal Diogenes, Vanessa Chrepa and Nikita B. Ruparel