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Tissue Viability

Sylvie Hampton, Fiona Collins

ISBN: 978-0-470-03387-6 June 2006 400 Pages


The aim of this book is to provide a comprehensive learning package in tissue viability. It covers all aspects of wound prevention and management, and considers the microbiological reasons why some wounds do not heal. It discusses factors that affect healing, pressure sore prevention and management, audit, ethics and the law. This is a comprehensive book that will enable not only nurses, but also doctors, physiotherapists and occupational therapists to develop a deeper understanding of wound care practice and research appreciation.
  • The skin and wound healing
  • Wound assessment
  • Dressings and treatment
  • Wound infection and colonisation
  • Assessment, management and treatment of leg ulcers
  • Nutritional assessment
  • Surgical wounds
  • The process of audit and research in tissue viablity
  • Pressure ulcer prevention
  • Seating
  • Healing and prevention of pressure ulcers
  • Fungating wounds
  • Ethics and the law
  • The specialist nurse in wound management
  • Index
The Skin and Wound Healing.

Wound Assessment.

Dressings and treatment.

Wound Infection and Colonisation.

Assessment, Management and treatment of leg Ulcers.

Nutritional Assessment.

Surgical Wounds.

The process of Audit and Research in Tissue Viablity.

Pressure Ulcer Prevention.


Healing and Prevention of Pressure Ulcers.

Fungating Wounds.

Ethics and The Law.

The Specialist Nurse in Wound Management.