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To Boldly Go: A Practical Career Guide for Scientists

To Boldly Go: A Practical Career Guide for Scientists

Peter S. Fiske

ISBN: 978-1-118-66818-4 March 2013 American Geophysical Union 188 Pages


Published by the American Geophysical Union as part of the Special Publications Series

If you feel that your years in graduate school have left you ill-prepared to cope with the harsh realities of the job market you are not alone. In a recent survey of job seekers attending the 1995 spring national meeting of the American Geophysical Union over 60% described the current state of the research job market as "bad," "dismal," or "hopeless." These individuals were not "second-rate" students from lesser schools but excellent young scientists from top-notch institutions such as Dartmouth, Johns Hopkins, Penn State, Brown, MIT and Princeton. Even the most accomplished recent graduates are finding the job market to be tough and getting tougher.

Introduction 1

The Black Hole in Science Employment 5
Looking Beyond the Numbers

Now the Good News 17
The World of Opportunity Open to Scientists

The Science of Change 29

The Career Planning Process 37
How Do 1 Start?

Self-Assessment 45
Making Your Neuroses Work for You!

Beyond the Endless Frontier 57
Exploring the World of Work

Exploring a Career That You Know 73
Research Science

Focusing on Specific Opportunities 89

Resumes and CVs 97
There IS a Difference

Six Resume Case Studies 117

Cover Letters 163
Going from Huh? to Wow!

The Interview and Beyond 171

Perceptions and Realities 185