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To Scale

To Scale

Joan Kee (Editor), Emanuele Lugli (Editor)

ISBN: 978-1-119-14250-8

Mar 2016, Wiley-Blackwell

168 pages

Select type: Paperback

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This innovative new volume offers an in-depth exploration of scale, one of the most crucial elements in the creation and reception of art.
  • Illustrates how scale has compelled audiences to rethink the significance and importance of specific works of art
  • Takes a comparative art historical approach exploring issues of scale in an array of forms, from Islamic architecture to contemporary photography
  • A global consideration of scale, with examples of work from ancient Egypt, eighteenth-century Korea, and contemporary Europe
  • The newest addition to the Art History Special Issue Book Series

Notes on Contributors 6

Chapter 1 Scale to Size: An Introduction 8
Joan Kee and Emanuele Lugli

Chapter 2 Scale and Pictoriality in Ancient Egyptian Painting and Sculpture 26
Whitney Davis

Chapter 3 The Invisible Miniature: Framing the Soul in Chinese Art and Architecture 44
Wu Hung

Chapter 4 The Monumental Miniature: Liquid Architecture in the Kilgas of Cairo 62
Margaret S. Graves

Chapter 5 ‘Freedom I do reveal to you’: Scale, Microarchitecture, and the Rise of the Turriform Civic Monument in Fourteenth-Century Northern Europe 82
Achim Timmermann

Chapter 6 Measuring the Bones: On Francesco di Giorgio Martini’s Saluzzianus Skeleton 104
Emanuele Lugli

Chapter 7 The Measure of the World: Scenes From a Journey to Kaeso¢ng 122
Joan Kee

Chapter 8 Photography and Scale: Projection, Exhibition, Collection 144
Olivier Lugon

Index 163