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Tourism and Economic Development: European Experience, 3rd Edition

Tourism and Economic Development: European Experience, 3rd Edition

Allan M. Williams (Editor), Gareth Shaw (Editor)

ISBN: 978-0-471-98316-3

Jan 1999

444 pages

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Tourism has been identified as one of the few potential growth sectors in the mature economies. This volume provides a detailed study of the industry and of its contribution to economic development in Europe. This diverse region offers a wide range of examples of the potential and limitations of tourism as a vehicle for development, and of government policies for tourism. This, the third edition of the title includes a new country case study chapter on the Republic of Ireland. Together with the general review chapters and the existing ten country case studies the book provides a comprehensive and up-to-date survey of tourism in Western Europe. A new chapter on Central and Eastern Europe broadens the reach of the book. The cases studies are modelled on similar formats and cover recent changes in domestic and foreign tourism, seasonal and regional concentration, the national and regional economic implications of tourism development, and tourism policies. All the authors are specialists on the tourism industries of the particular countries. They have access to the most recent data available on each case study, and place the study of tourism in the broader context of national developments. Contents
* Introduction: tourism and uneven economic development Allan M. Williams and Gareth Shaw
* Western European tourism in perspective Gareth Shaw and Allan M. Williams
* Spain: from the phenomenon of mass tourism to the search for a more diversified model Manuel Valenzuela
* Italy: diversified tourism Russell King and Armando Montanari
* Greece: hesitant policy and uneven tourism development in the 1990s Lila Leontidou
* Portugal: market segmentation and economic development Jim Lewis and Allan M. Williams
* Switzerland: structural change within stability Andrew Gilg
* Austria: contrasting tourist seasons and contrasting regions Friedrich Zimmermann
* The United Kingdom: market trends and policy responses Gareth Shaw, Paul Thornton and Allan M. Williams
* Republic of Ireland: an expanding tourism sector Desmond A. Gillmor
* France: tourism comes of age John Tuppen
* Germany: still a growing international deficit? Peter Schnell
* Tourism in the Netherlands: resource development, regional impacts and issues David Pinder
* Scandinavia: challenging nature Tommy Andersson and Morten Huse
* Central and Eastern Europe: tourism, development and transformation Derek R. Hall
* Tourism policies in a changing tourism environment Allan M. Williams and Gareth Shaw
Introduction: Tourism and Uneven Economic Development (A. Williams & G. Shaw).

Western European Tourism in Perspective (G. Shaw & A. Williams).

Spain: From the Phenomenon of Mass Tourism to the Search for a More Diversified Model (M. Valenzuela).

Italy: Diversified Tourism (R. King & A. Montanari).

Greece: Hesitant Policy and Uneven Tourism Development in the 1990s (L. Leontidou).

Portugal: Market Segmentation and Economic Development (J. Lewis & A. Williams).

Switzerland: Structural Change within Stability (A. Gilg).

Austria: Contrasting Tourist Seasons and Contrasting Regions (F. Zimmermann).

The United Kingdom: Market Trends and Policy Responses (G. Shaw, et al.).

Republic of Ireland: An Expanding Tourism Sector (D. Gillmor).

France: Tourism Comes of Age (J. Tuppen).

Germany: Still a Growing International Deficit?(P. Schnell).

Tourism in The Netherlands: Resource Development, Regional Impacts and Issues (D. Pinder).

Scandinavia: Challenging Nature (T. Andersson & M. Huse).

Central and Eastern Europe: Tourism, Development and Transformation (D. Hall).

Tourism Policies in a Changing Economic Environment (A. Williams & G. Shaw).