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Tower: Faith, Vertigo, and Amateur Construction

Tower: Faith, Vertigo, and Amateur Construction

Bill Henderson

ISBN: 978-1-888-88938-3

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220 pages

Select type: Paperback

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Bill Henderson had an epiphany one day after buying a plot of land high atop a hill in Maine overlooking the sea: why not build a tower "for no reason"? For this lapsed Presbyterian, it all made sense. With his spiritual life in neutral, his marriage struggling, his daughter growing up, a tower was no less appropriate than, say, hiring a shrink or buying a fast car. Ignoring the fact that he knew little about construction, and armed only with a hammer, a handsaw, a tri-square, a tape measure, and a rope, he set about erecting a modest tower upon his not-so-modest hill. Tower is Henderson's down-to-earth study of a sky-high subject that celebrates the dreamer in all of us.