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Trace Elements as Contaminants and Nutrients: Consequences in Ecosystems and Human Health

Trace Elements as Contaminants and Nutrients: Consequences in Ecosystems and Human Health

M. N. V. Prasad

ISBN: 978-0-470-35509-1

Aug 2008

675 pages



Access state-of-the-art research about trace element contamination and its impact on human health in Trace Elements as Contaminants and Nutrients: Consequences in Ecosystems and Human Health. In this ground-breaking guide, find exhaustive evidence of trace element contamination in the environment with topics like the functions and essentiality of trace metals, bioavailability and uptake biochemistry, membrane biochemistry and transport mechanisms, and enzymology. Find case studies that will reinforce the fundamentals of mineral nutrition in plants and animals and current information about fortified foods and nutrient deficiencies.
1. The Biological System of Elements: (Trace) Element Concentration Abundance.

2. Trace elements contamination and availability: human health implications implications of food chain and biofortification.

3. Trace elements in agro-ecosystems.

4. Metal accumulate on in crops- human health ssues.

5. Trace elements and plant secondary metabolism: quality and efficacy of herbal products.

6. Trace elements and radionuclides in edible plants.

7. Trace elements in traditional healing plants - remedies or risks.

8. Biofortification: nutritional security and relevance to human helath.

9. Zinc for human health and sustainable development.

10. Zinc effect on the phytoestrogen content of pomegranate fruit tree.

11. Iron bioavailability and homeostasis through phytoferritins: fortification and intervention strategic approaches for human health and nutrition.

12. Iodine and health: A review of Bhutan’s Iodine Fortification programme.

13. Radionuclide contamination at Kazakhstan’s Semipalatinsk Test Site: consequences for ecosystems and human health.

14. Uranium and thorium bioaccumulation in cultivated plants.

15. Mercuy - Inorganic and organic forms, environmental fate and toxicity.

16. Cadmium as an environmental contaminant - Consequences to plant and human health.

17. Trace elements transport in plants.

18. Cadmium detoxification in plants - Involvement of ABC transporters.

19. Iron: A major disease modifier in thalassaemia.

20. Trace Elements: Nutritional Benefits, Environmental Contamination, and Health Implications in Cancer.

21. Mode of action and toxicity of trace elements.

22. Input and transfer of trace metals from food via mothermilk to the child - bioindicative aspects to human health.

23. Selenium and lead in soil.

24. Arsenic and uranium contamination control by aquatic plants.

25. Copper as an environmental contaminant and essential nutrient: consequences to plant and human health.

26. Forms of copper, manganese, zinc, and iron in soils of Slovakia, system of fertilizers recommendation and soil monitoring.

27. Role of minerals in halophyte feeding to ruminants.

28. Plants as biomonitors of trace elements pollution in soil.

29. Bioindication and biomonitoring as innovative biotechniques for controlling trace metal influences to the environment.