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Tracers in Geomorphology

Ian D. L. Foster (Editor)

ISBN: 978-0-471-89602-9 February 2001 576 Pages


This book comprises selected and fully-refereed papers from the BGRG Annual Conference, 'Tracers in Geomorphology'. which was held in September 1998. The theme chosen for the conference reflects the growing interest amongst the geomorphological community in studies of fine sediment provenance and in the development of methods for tracing coarse sediments.

Tracers in Geomorphology is the first book which contains a state-of-the-art review of the use of tracer technologies for coarse and fine sediment transport in a range of geomorphological environments and over a range of time-scales. It is divided into six sections; background and recent developments, atmospheric and hydrological tracers, tracers for investigating soil erosion and hill-slope processes, tracing fluvial sediments, tracers for coastal transport studies and tracers in palaeoenvironmental investigations.

Authored by international experts in their field, this book will be of enormous value to postgraduates, researchers and professionals in the fields of geomorphology, hydrology, environmental, earth and soil science, coastal and catchment management.

Background and Recent Developments

Atmospheric and Hydrological Tracers

Tracers for investigating Soil Erosion and Hillslope Processes

Tracing Fluvial Sediments

Tracers for Coastal Transport Studies

Tracers for Palaeoenvironmental Investigations
"Foster should be congratulated for bringing to fruition a volume that will act as a springboard for future studies." (Progress in Physical Geography, Vol. 25. No.4 2001) 

"…essential reference material for any geomorphologist…I wish it had been around when I completed my PhD…" (Geological Journal, January/March 2003)