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Trade IPOs Online

Trade IPOs Online

Matthew D. Zito, Matt Olejarczyk

ISBN: 978-0-471-38474-8

May 2000

206 pages


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Cash in on the Internet IPO Investment Revolution -- trade IPOs online.

"Whatever business you are in, the one common thread is that information is power. In this book you will find out how to get it and then how to use it for profit."
-- from the Foreword by David Menlow, President,

"Bust open that smoky back room and let the IPO Guys show you how the individual investor can play the IPO market."
-- Jay Sears, Senior Vice President, EDGAR Online, Inc.

"Any investor desiring to participate in IPOs need look no further than this fantastic book. Zito and Olejarczyk have done a tremendous service to individual investors by clearly explaining how to participate in the IPO market, from basic IPO participation to sophisticated investing techniques."
-- Corey E. Ostman, Chief Technology Officer, Alert-IPO!

"Trade IPOs Online is an excellent primer for the novice online investor."
-- Scott Ryles, President and Chief Executive Officer, Epoch Capital Partners

The Internet Investing Revolution.

IPOs, the New Investment Vehicle.

IPO Performance.

Internet IPOs.

Preinvesting Preparation and Research.

Getting Started.

Why to Buy IPOs.

Secrets, Software, and Technology.

IPOs and the Future for Online Individual Investors.

Appendix: Traditional Discounting of IPO Shares.

Epilogue: IPO Surgeon General's Warning.


IPOguys Terminology.

IPO Glossary.