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Trade My Way

Trade My Way

Alan Hull

ISBN: 978-0-730-37582-1

Sep 2011, Wrightbooks

224 pages



Markets trend: up, down and sideways. Stocks never stand still. Knowing this, how can you consistently profit from the Australian stock market?

In Trade My Way, best-selling author and sharemarket expert Alan Hull reveals his two short-term trading strategies—active trading and breakout trading. These tried-and-tested strategies will help you turn a profit no matter which way the stock market is trending.

Written in easy-to-understand, engaging language, Trade My Way also offers:

  • a simple introduction to share trading for beginners
  • a complete guide to understanding and interpreting price charts
  • risk management essentials for trading success
  • MetaStock indicator formulas for more experienced traders
  • detailed step-by-step trading simulations.

Buy and sell stocks for profit like a professional—become an active trader!

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Acknowledgements ix

About the author xi

Preface xiii

Part I: A few things you should know 1

1 What is share trading? 3

2 What is charting? 15

3 Modern technical analysis 29

4 Risk management 47

5 Anatomy of a trade 65

Part II: Active trading 81

6 Introduction to active trading 83

7 Tools of the trade for active trading 93

8 Taking active trading for a test drive (by Simon Sherwood) 107

Part III: Breakout trading 131

9 Introduction to breakout trading 133

10 Tools for breakout trading 147

11 Applying the breakout trading strategy 163

12 Taking breakout trading for a test drive (by Janice Korevaar) 175

Part IV: In conclusion 193

13 The biggest problem is you 195

14 Keep your eye on the ball 203

15 Blue chip share trading 213

Appendix A: MetaStock indicator formulae for active trading 221

Appendix B: MetaStock indicator formulae for breakout trading 223

Appendix C: Trading performance and strategy review 225

Index 229