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TradeStation Made Easy!: Using EasyLanguage to Build Profits with the World's Most Popular Trading Software



TradeStation Made Easy!: Using EasyLanguage to Build Profits with the World's Most Popular Trading Software

Sunny J. Harris, Bill Cruz (Foreword by)

ISBN: 978-0-471-35353-9 April 2011 768 Pages


Customize your trading plan for greater profits using the mostpopular charting software

The majority of professional and individual traders use somekind of trading software on which to base their strategies. Withover 100,000 users, the most popular trading software today isTradeStation, published by TradeStation Technologies. While thissoftware is favored by many, TradeStation's computer language canbe confusing, especially for the novice.

TradeStation Made Easy! is the first and only book to explainexactly how to use the unique computer language behind thisbestselling software program. It is not meant as a replacement forthe TradeStation manuals, instead it will cover the essence ofprogramming in EasyLanguage and focus on a consistent set of dataand an elementary system throughout.
* An easily understood guide to TradeStation that also providestips for the user in designing a personalized trading system
* Endorsed by the software provider TradeStationTechnologies
* Written in a straightforward manner, that is accessible evenfor those with little computer experience

TradeStation Made Easy! fills a much-needed gap in thisarea and puts the basics of EasyLanguage in perspective. With it,you'll be able to write simple and intermediate programs that willaccurately express your theories and ideas about whatever marketinterests you.



Author's Note.

Chapter 1 Introduction To Easylanguage.

Chapter 2 Quick Start.

Chapter 3 Understanding The Process.

Chapter 4 Basic Use Of TradeStation.

Chapter 5 Basic Math.

Chapter 6 Basic EasyLanguage.

Chapter 7 Programming Conventions.

Chapter 8 Statements.

Chapter 9 Ifs, Ands, And Buts.

Chapter 10 Begin And End (Block Statements).

Chapter 11 Loops.

Chapter 12 Analysis Techniques.

Chapter 13 Buying And Selling.

Chapter 14 Functions.

Chapter 15 Tricky Math.

Chapter 16 TradeStation Tricks.

Chapter 17 Optimization.

Chapter 18 System Performance.

Chapter 19 Conclusion.

Appendix A Styles.

Appendix B Reserved Words.

Appendix C Formulas.

Appendix D Full Code For The System And Studies In ThisBook.

Appendix E Baskets.

Appendix F Where's The Command?

Appendix G.1 Built-In Functions And Indicators (AlphabeticalListing).

Appendix G.2 Built-In Functions And Indicators (FunctionalListing).

Appendix H Tradestation Add-On Products And Services.

Appendix I Tradestation User Groups.

Appendix J Error Messages.

Appendix K What's Wrong With This Code?