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Trading 101: How to Trade Like a Pro

Trading 101: How to Trade Like a Pro

Sunny J. Harris

ISBN: 978-0-471-14445-8 July 1996 224 Pages


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"I vowed to one day write a book so that other novices would nothave to go through the same grueling process to learn abouttrading."--Sunny Harris

With a surge in the number of people trying their hand at tradingtoday--baby boomers, retirees, individual investors--it's moreimportant than ever to develop a solid working knowledge of therudiments of this potentially profitable practice. Trading 101 is aclearly written, concise, and thorough introduction to thebasics.

The author, renowned for her successful Trading 101 seminars,creates an indispensable reference covering everything fromcharting techniques and trading vehicles to technical analysis andcurrent market buzzwords. With easy-to-read charts and graphssupplementing the text, this is an invaluable resource for completeinformation on:
* The whats and the how-tos: What is a put? What is a call? How doI place a trade? How do I select a broker?
* Fundamental analysis and its economic indicators -- leadingindicators, real GDP, interest rates, productivity
* Developing your own trading system--design, costs, backtestingthe system, and evaluating your performance
* Obtaining fundamental data--bulletin board services, commercialdata vendors, the Internet, chart services
* Setting up your trading as a business -- developing a businessplan, legal and tax questions, back office services
* Discipline--sticking to your system, finding coaches that canhelp you stay motivated, keeping a diary

Trading 101 also provides details on which newsletters offerdependable investment advice, how to choose the best discountbrokerage, and which of today's computers and financial softwarepackages are the best for planning and evaluating trades.

Complete with glossary, bibliography, and listings of networkingand educational meetings on the Internet, as well as beginnerseminars and conferences, software vendors, and recommended books,this comprehensive, easy-to-use guide is the one to have in handbefore entering the unpredictable and competitive world oftrading.

Praise for Trading 101

"Trading 101 should be required reading for every new orprospective futures trader. It provides more solid information andall-around knowledge than any other book I've ever seen on thesubject. It receives my unqualified endorsement and takes top placeon my list of recommended titles for futures traders."--EdwardDobson, President, Traders Press, Inc.

"Trading 101 is a great idea. There was nothing like this when Istarted out. The novice trader now has a place to start the search.Oh, the time it would have saved me!"--John Bollinger, CFA, CMT,President, Bollinger Capital Management, Editor, The Capital GrowthLetter

"Sunny has done a great job in bringing a highly complex anddiverse topic to the level of human understanding--must reading forevery new trader."--Jake Bernstein, author The Investor's Quotient,Second Edition
Getting Started.


Sources of Information and Data.

Analyzing Your Data.

Exploring the Literature.

Clubs & Professional Organizations.

Evaluating Seminars & Conferences.

Charlatans and Their Techniques.

What Do You Trade?

Selecting a Computer.

Selecting Software.

Selecting a Data Source.

Purchasing a Canned Trading System.

The Never-Ending Search for the Holy Grail.

Developing Your Own Trading System.

Setting Up Your Trading as a Business.


Evaluating Your Performance.

Back Office Details.