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Trading Forex: Uncover the Most Profitable Trading Strategies in the Foreign Exchange Market

Trading Forex: Uncover the Most Profitable Trading Strategies in the Foreign Exchange Market

Joseph R. Hooper, Aaron R. Zalewski, Ed Watanabe

ISBN: 978-1-118-52567-8

Dec 2014

172 pages

Select type: Hardcover


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Advanced Forex trading techniques to boost any trader's portfolio

Forex was once the domain of large financial institutions. Now, with the click of a mouse, an average investor-trader can buy and sell currencies easily. With few barriers to entry, a wealth of data easily available online, and flexible trading hours, Forex is an increasingly attractive alternative for a growing market of retail and individual traders. This book, from three leading experts in the field, explains the rules and techniques necessary to make safe and consistent profits in the fast paced world of foreign currencies.

  • A step-by-step guide for the ordinary investor to trading in the fast-paced world of foreign currencies
  • Prepares traders for the fast-paced emotions and volatility of Forex trading
  • Familiarizes the reader with Forex facts, history, figures, and various methods and systems for trading currencies

The Forex market is the largest and most liquid financial market in the world, with an average traded value of around $3.98 trillion dollars per day. Trading Forex demystifies the world of Forex and helps the individual investor compete on an equal footing with the big guys.



Chapter 1: Introduction to Forex

Millionaires in Forex

Raising the Bar Again With Forex

Chapter 2: How Forex Works

Spot Market, Forwards Market, Futures Market

What Affects The Currency Markets?

Understanding the Global Trading Sessions

Forex Trading Hours and Forex Trading Times

Currency Fixing and Squaring Up.

Chapter 3: The Mechanics of Forex Trading

The All Mighty Dollar

Fundamental Factors That Affect Currency Price

Important Forex Fundamental Factors

Chapter 4:  Currency Trading Basics

Who Are The Central Banks?

Inflation is the Key

Fundamental Information and Trading Considerations

The World Currencies

Tradable Currency Pairs

Major Currency Pairs

Other Tradable Currencies Called Cross Pairs

Chapter 5: How Do You Trade Forex?

Bias of The Cycle

What Is a Forex Trade And How Do You Participate?

So How Do We Trade?

Chapter 6: Leverage, Lots and Pip

You Gotta Love Leverage

You Will Love the Pip

Understanding Forex Leverage and Margin

What Is A Rollover?

Chapter 7: Forex Brokers

Which Broker?

News and Analysis

Trading Platform Basics

Placing The Order.

Easy Placing Stop Orders

So Who Is the Recommended Broker? Trading Rules and Regulations

Table 7.1 Minimum Margin Requirement by Currency Pair  as of 3-3-12

Chapter 8: Advanced Charting

Advanced Charting Streaming Data Intraday Charting!

Advanced Charting and The Lead Dog

Intraday Streaming Data Charts

Lower Indicator F1

Putting It all Together With Chart Interpretation

Money Management and Stops

Chapter 9:  So What’s Next?


Advanced Charting Forex Glossary

About the Authors