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Trading Market Reversals: Proven Seasonality and Pivot Trading Tactics

Trading Market Reversals: Proven Seasonality and Pivot Trading Tactics

John L. Person

ISBN: 978-1-118-63338-0 April 2013




Run time: 102 minutes. TARGETING BIG REVERSALS CAN PROVIDE SOME OF THE BIGGEST PAYOUTS IN TRADING. Knowing how to trade those reversals can help make sure you are the one cashing that big trading paycheck.

Take all of the theories traders have about pinpointing reversals — and throw them out the window. One of the keys to John Person's success has been his ability to extract the facts from opinion and use his proprietary combination of stochastics, candlesticks, and other proven technical indicators to consistently spot and trade big moves.

In this course, Person reveals in detail more money-making tactics such as:

  • Techniques for pinpointing where we are in the business cycle and how to exploit that knowledge,
  • What to look for in all markets to be alerted to impending market moves,
  • His top-down approach for using seasonality to find profitable trades in any market, and
  • The ideal personal risk management approach that makes sure you stay in the market for winning trades.

Plus, Person shows exactly how to use one of the unknown treasures of market information, the Commitment of Trading Report. In a special bonus follow-up clip, you'll see how the analysis in this presentation played out exactly as Person predicted.