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Trading Weekly Options Video Course

Trading Weekly Options Video Course

Russell Rhoads

ISBN: 978-1-118-73869-6

Jan 2014

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Run time: 77 minutes. The Trading Weekly Options Video Course takes segments of the actual book that apply to all levels of traders and expands on these essential topics. This 90-minute course includes a comprehensive introduction to short dated or weekly options. Short and long option strategies are also covered in this section to highlight how options, with just a few days remaining until expiration, can be traded.

Nothing is more exciting for market participants than stock price reactions to earnings announcements. The second section of this video course discusses what every trader should know about earnings announcements—from clarifying why they are so important for short-term stock and option traders to different strategies that may be implemented around an earnings event. Rounding out the course is an informative section involving short-term trading with index options. After introducing these unique options, strategies appropriate for index options are covered.

  • An accessible video product focused solely on weekly options
  • Outlines the most effective trading strategies associated with weekly options, including taking advantage of the accelerating time-decay curve when an option approaches expiration
  • Filled with the practical, real-world insights of Russell Rhoads, an expert in this field
  • Traces the likely path of the stock market through 2025

Engaging and insightful, Trading Weekly Options Video Course will put you in a better position to excel at this demanding endeavor.