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Trading the Elliott Waves: Winning Strategies for Timing Entry and Exit Moves



Trading the Elliott Waves: Winning Strategies for Timing Entry and Exit Moves

Robert R. Prechter Jr.

ISBN: 978-1-118-63291-8 April 2013


Run time: 120 minutes. Gain unparalleled insight into using the power and performance of wave theory to precisely time your market moves, with Robert Prechter's groundbreaking new workshop. The NY Times bestselling author and "Trader's Hall of Fame" winner presents 2 hours of thought-provoking techniques and startlingly accurate strategies that will help you harness the predictable signals in the marketplace, and use them to your trading advantage.

This all-encompassing technical approach to reading and trading the markets has proved consistently successful over decades, in good times and bad. Be it bear or bull market - no one is more renowned at educating the investing public on the "wave" technique than The Elliott Wave Theorist's Bob Prechter.

In clear, concise, and convincing terms he presents:

  • The basics of Wave Forms
  • How to apply the 5-part Wave pattern to a variety of indices
  • Keys for identifying market lows ripe for buying (or covering shorts) and market highs suitable for selling (or short selling)
  • Methods for predicting turning points using Fibonacci to support the Elliott Wave Principle
  • Using psychology as an indicator to make - and time - predictions
  • Hard proof that Wave Theory supports "contrarian investing" - time and again
  • "Nuances" that aid in predictions, such as advance/decline lines

You'll be as riveted by the scope of this session, and the power of the "Wave Principle" - which Prechter considers to be the "purest" form of technical analysis - to aid in your every market move. His passionate, in-depth presentation - with full online support materials - persuasively shows how knowing the wave patterns gives you a high probability insight into what the market is likely to do - or not do - next. Benefit from this objective and proven means of assessing the future path of the market with increased accuracy - using the techniques outlined in Prechter's 5-star presentation.